Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cory the Sax man

Cory the Sax man
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The awards concert for both Jazz and Symphonic band was held May 22. I finally got one picture uploaded - though I took several. Jazz Band is nice because the saxophones are in the front row, so I can see Cory really well. For the symphonic band concert, I couldn't see him at all since he was back a couple of rows and behind people and music stands. The concert was really good. Our bands sound amazing! Every time I go to these concerts I find myself wishing I had stayed in band - but our band teacher wasn't nearly as much fun as Cory's band teacher. She's awesome, and makes band a good experience for the kids.

Cory got some awards at the concert. One for doing solos in Jazz Band, some for Solo & Ensemble, and he got his letter. So now his dad is thinking he's going to need a letter jacket. We'll have to see about that. Cory does need a new winter coat.

Another thing - the boy was getting shaggy, wasn't he? He has gotten a haircut since this. One of these days, I will get those pictures uploaded too.