Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Feast Friends!

The kids had a great time in Rapid City. There were plenty of other teens - some old friends and some new. They all got along wonderfully and seemed to have so much fun no matter what they were doing. They went swimming as often as possible, played "Apples to Apples" and DDR, went bowling, and just hung out together. Now that we're home from the Feast, they are using the Internet to keep in touch.

Here are a few of the young people in front of Mt. RushmorePosted by Picasa

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Note to AudioBlogger Users

Ok, I haven't really used this service much - mostly just a couple of test posts, but I'm kind of disappointed that it's no longer going to be available. :-(
Here's an email I just received:


As of November 1, 2006, Audioblogger will no longer accept phone
calls. MP3s made with the service will continue to be hosted and
served but you will no longer be able to use Audioblogger to post
new audio.

Audioblogger is an independent product, run by Odeo, Inc., a small
startup company in San Francisco, CA. We are not affiliated with
Google or Blogger except that we operate and provide the
Audioblogger service.

Given our limited resources, we have to make tough decisions
about what projects to focus on. And we've come to the difficult
decision that Audioblogger demands too many resources, time, and
money for us to continue its operation.

However, there are several other services that offer similar
functionality. Odeo is not affiliated with any of these services,
we only suggest them only in hopes that one or the other will be
a good alternative for you.

Gabcast.com is a free service for recording by phone
Hipcast.com has a seven day free trial and lots of features
Gcast.com is another free service for phone recording

All of the phone posting services listed above are compatible
with Odeo in that they produce podcast feeds, which can be
imported to Odeo. Any audio file at Odeo can be posted on a blog
by copying and pasting some embed code.

Odeo would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has
tried Audioblogger. If you are interested in keeping up with our
other blog-friendly projects, please have a look at Twitter.com
and our customizable audio players.

The Odeo Team

Gabcast - http://gabcast.com
Hipcast - http://hipcast.com
Gcast - http://gcast.com
Odeo Importing - http://www.odeo.com/create/addfeed
Twitter - http://twitter.com
Players - http://odeo.com/channel/102054/embedded_player

It doesn't hurt to keep all these links. Maybe I'll try some of these other audio services. If not me, then Cory.