Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Well, That Was Stupid

I think I've lost my shopping mojo.

Stupidly I got sucked into an ad on Facebook - not that they're all bad; I got some really good deals right around Thanksgiving. I saw this video for a very cool looking notebook that is reusable - up to 500 times. And, the pages can be easily scanned and saved online. Or so they say; I guess we'll see.

I clicked the link where they told me the notebook wasn't available anywhere else, was 75% off, and almost sold out - and I stupidly fell for it. Normally I look and research and read reviews, but this time I just went ahead and grabbed one. It wasn't until later that night when I actually got on my computer instead of my phone and started looking for more information. That's when I found the exact same notebook on eBay, for much less. But I figured that was OK because all those were coming from China, and I'd have to wait longer to get it. Jason loves drawing and can quickly fill up a notebook, and since he (and his mom and sister) are coming to visit over spring break, I figured it would be nicer to get it sooner so we can play with it together. So, I didn't try to cancel the order. (not sure I could have anyway)

Then I got notification my order had shipped.  It took a couple days to actually get any info on the tracking, but when the information finally updated I found out that the notebook I ordered is coming from China. Seriously? The site says they ship from the US, unless the stock runs out, and then they may ship from their warehouse in Asia. So, since they told me the notebook I was ordering was in stock (though there were only a few left), it appeared that they were actually in stock and should have been coming from the States. Nope. So now I don't know if it will be here in time for me and Jason to try it out together...

Of course, I could always order one from Amazon (yes, they have them too), pay less, and get it here in two days. But then, I don't want to spend even more before I've even had a chance to try it out.

Oh, and speaking of Amazon - I got a delivery from Amazon today. Except I didn't order anything from Amazon. Nope - I ordered some pens for this new notebook. From eBay. They were lots cheaper than the pens offered on the site - even with that use-within-48-hours special 15% off discount code they sent me after I ordered the notebook. Why do stores do that? A discount code after I just bought something from you does me absolutely no good. So, I ordered the pens after I got the shipment notification for the notebook - but before I realized it was coming all the way from China. Two days later I have pens - shipped straight from Amazon. That's right, they're cheaper on Amazon. Apparently, this seller takes orders for things he or she can get cheaper on Amazon and then has Amazon ship them directly to the buyer - pocketing the price difference. It's a dollar or two, but if you 'sell' enough things I'm sure it adds up.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Not something that had ever occurred to me, anyway. And apparently, it didn't occur to me to check Amazon for these pens. Yep, I'm losing it.

Hopefully, Jason and I will enjoy the notebook. Eventually...

Monday, March 19, 2018

Three Tips for Busy Parents Planning a Date Night

It can be hard to find time to be with your spouse when you have kids, but that time is so important. Take the time to plan a fun date night with your significant other. Your relationship will thank you, and your kids will have better parents because of it.

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Keep It Simple

You don't have to spend a fortune, get dressed up in fancy clothes, or go to a special event to have a great date night. In fact, all of those things can distract from the quality time you want to spend with your partner. Instead, choose a date night activity that will be relaxing and will allow you to chat and reconnect with your partner. One easy choice is a local restaurant or bar where you can talk, eat, and drink. For example, you can find a pub La Grange IL like Kenny's Pub, sit back, relax, and have a great time with the one you love, all without dressing up or traveling far away.

Find a Sitter That You Trust

Nothing ruins a date night faster than worrying about your kids the whole time that you're gone. Stop worrying and find a babysitter that you can truly trust when it's time to go out. A family member could be ideal, but be sure not to take them for granted. Offer to pay them for their services or to do something to help them out. If you know other young parents, perhaps you can arrange a babysitting exchange where you and your spouse watch their kids when they go out, and they watch your kids when you go out. Or, you may have more luck by looking at a professional service to find a sitter that you know is qualified. Any sitter should have training in CPR and should know what to do in case of an emergency. Try to stick with the same sitter once you find one that you like.

Practice Regularly

It can be hard for parents when they first go out on a date night. The easiest solution to this is to start early and make it a habit. Once you start having fun, you will probably want to make it a regular feature in your life. Consider adding weekly (or at least monthly) dates to your routine and your marriage will surely benefit. Plus, you'll get to have fun as a couple!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wellness 101: How To Get Healthy In 2018

In today's world, many people are beginning to realize that a lack of mental and physical health can and does lead to substandard living. If you're opposed to mediocre living on any level and want more for your life, it's time to recognize that you have the power and intelligence to make the lifestyle changes necessary to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Below you'll find three techniques that can help you begin your journey to wellness:
  1. Focus On Your Food.
    If you're serious about making wellness your permanent reality, it's important to begin focusing on your food. The typical American diet is full of foods that cause weight gain, detract from your vitality, hamper immunity, and generate numerous other problems. Our "foods" are synthetic, chemical-laden, and highly processed. The first step to better health is to adopt a countercultural approach which involves forsaking the junk food and increasing your consumption of nutrient-dense foods like high protein lean meats, complex carbs, and plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Having a delicious green smoothie for breakfast every morning is a good way to get started. Focus on eating more and more of the good foods, and you won't have room for the bad stuff.
    healthy food
  2. Avoid Sedentary Living.
    In addition to focusing on your food, make sure that you avoid sedentary living at all costs. Taking this step is important because a lack of physical activity can generate a wide range of unwanted outcomes like weight gain, compromised immunity, and mood instability. On the other hand, regular exercise can promote a wide range of great outcomes like sustained happiness, mental clarity, weight loss, and clearer skin. There are many forms of physical activity that you can engage in to start attaining these life-giving benefits. Some of them include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), jumping rope, and pilates, but you can start slowly and build up to the higher intensity exercises. Build activity into your daily life - park at the far end (or middle) of the parking lot and walk to the store; take the stairs instead of the elevator; etc. These exercise videos from BeFit are also a great option.
  3. Help Your Children Develop Healthy Habits. healthy kids
    One final strategy you can employ to get healthy in 2018 is focusing on your children's level of wellness. Caring for others is known to promote mental well-being., which is good for you, and helping your children to develop healthy habits while they're young is good for them in the present and long-term. It's better (and easier) to stay healthy than have to reclaim good health after losing it. Also note that when the people around you are healthy, you're much more likely to maintain the high levels of physical and mental well-being that promote happiness and vitality. In the event that you're looking for an ABA therapy Sarasota FL company, know that the professionals of Engage Behavioral Health can assist you.


Three health strategies that you can implement to cultivate a lifestyle of wellness include focusing on your food, avoiding sedentary living, and helping your children develop healthy habits. Implementing these strategies consistently will likely enable you to lead the lifestyle of wellness that makes you a more productive, positive person!

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Share the Magic of Storytelling

Love this Dark Tower series by Stephen King
What if getting books into the hands of kids in need was as easy as taking a picture and sharing it to social media?

It is!

For every 'shelfie' - a picture of you with your favorite book or in front of a bookshelf - posted to Twitter or Instagram this month with the hashtag #magicofstorytelling, Disney will donate one book to a child in need.

Simple as that.

There are a few other ways to donate, too. But this one is lots of fun.

Show me your shelfies!