Saturday, June 23, 2018

3 Gate Considerations

If you've got a fence around your property, you have gates. Whether they are situated at the front entrance or the back (or both, because who want to always have to go to the front of the property to get in or out?), these barriers have their purpose. For most, they are meant to protect and keep intruders on the outside, while still allowing you access. If you do not have corten steel gates, they are probably made of out cold rolled and stainless steel.

When you are interested in installing gates for the first time or replacing existing gates, here are three things to consider.

  1. Size - The gates you are about to have installed to protect your home have parameters that they have to meet. The most important parameter is the measurement. Take the time to measure the area they are going to cover from top to bottom and side to side. If there is a slope present, you want to ensure that the gates will not scrape the bottom, and therefore, not open correctly. You also do not want unintended crevices to exist anywhere around the gate. This is especially important if you are trying to keep a pet in or another kind of critter out.
  2. Function - It is very important that your gate opens and closes as intended. If obstructions exist anywhere around the gate that will hinder its opening or closure, find the one that works best under those conditions. Tandem, bi-fold and standard sliding gates are some options. Cantilevered, top hung and tapered gates are others. After you conduct an eye-test, if you are still unsure, you can always call on a professional for a consultation. They will evaluate and make suggestions accordingly.
  3. Design - Once the size and function of the gate have been settled on, you can move on to the design. In many cases, you can purchase a gate that will open and close as intended and be nice to look at, too. Artists who work with steel have entered the realm of gates, and they create architectural pieces that also keep your property safe. These gates are custom-made and custom-fit. If you opt for something more demure, those options are available, as well.

When planning to install gates around your property, remember to take into consideration the size, function, and design.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Make Your Bathtub Look Like Brand New

Is your bathtub old, worn, rusted, abused, or otherwise damaged? You may think the only way to have a bathroom you will actually like is to hire someone to replace that old bathtub, and you don't relish the idea of an expensive and messy project. Consider a bathtub liner installation instead. A custom-made liner brings new life to your old tub without all the mess and expense of a complete removal and replacement.

Part of an in-home consultation includes the company's representatives taking precise measurements of the existing tub to make sure that the new liner will fit perfectly over the old one.The liner fits without disturbing the plumbing and is made to last at least 20 years. That is a greater longevity than most modern steel bathtubs can claim!

Quarter-inch solid-core vinyl provides a high-gloss and high-impact finish that is invincible to physical damage. With an inventory of more than 100 molds, every model and make of bathtub is represented, and the forming system replicates the tub's subtlest curves.

When properly made, the liners do not crack, chip, peel, or stain. No paint or dangerous and offensive chemicals are used, which eliminates odors.The liners are not affected by bacteria or acid, and they are easy to maintain. They are also HUD tested and approved. Each installation comes with a new overflow fixture, drain, and new silicone caulking around the perimeter. The durability also makes them popular with hotels, motels, and apartment complexes as they easily get approval from owners, managers, and realtors.

Be sure to choose a reputable and experienced company that employs specialized bathroom remodeling technicians who can install the liner in a timely and precise professional fashion. A typical bathtub relining usually takes only a few hours, and you will be able to use the bathtub the very next day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Not Good Enough

It really bothers me when people are too lazy to put their shopping carts away when they're done using them. Not only is it annoying to attempt to pull into a parking spot only to find it blocked by a cart - or two or three, because once someone does it, others are sure to follow along - but it can cause damage to cars in the parking lot. It only happened to me once, but take it from me, those rogue carts can come barreling across the parking lot and run right into your vehicle on a windy day!

What bothers me just about as much (OK, as much) is when people sort of put the carts where they belong, but they're too lazy to actually do it right. How much extra effort would it really take to push that cart forward so that there's room for other people's carts behind it? An extra shove, a couple steps...

But, NO, I guess they figure just getting it there, sort of almost into the cart containment area is good enough. Who cares about those who come later? Or if the cart even stays where it was parked?

Sorry, not good enough! I always try to push my cart as far forward as possible and move the carts in front forward if I can, but if the first person didn't even bother and there are several behind it, there's only so much I can do. Those carts get heavy and very hard to push.

But seriously, why? Am I the only person who thinks that if you're gonna do something, just do it right? And doing some things - like putting your shopping cart away at the end of your shopping trip - really aren't optional. So just give that extra shove or take that extra step of two. You already made it to the shopping cart area...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Make Sure Your Family is Ready for Summer

When the summer season starts and the temperatures start to rise, smart parents know that it's important to make sure that their family is ready for anything. From lazy days indoors to Sundays at the beach, the summer season can bring all sorts of excitement (along with cries of, "Mom, I'm bored!"). The question you have to ask yourself is, "Is my  family ready for the summer?"

One of the most important things for any homeowner to do before the summer season begins is to make sure that they have air conditioning. This is especially important if you live in one of the hotter areas of the country where the temperatures get very high and people can get very sick if they are left in the heat for too long. If you don't already have an air conditioner that is working well, you need to find and hire a local professional to get one installed in your home before the summer heat hits. For example, if you need HVAC Gloucester VA, you should call a reputable company like CC Air and Heat. This will ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable throughout the season and your family stays safe from the dangers of excessive heat.

Beth in the pool
Another important thing is to make sure that any pools in your area are completely secured and that your children are taught about water safety. If your children will be spending any time at the beach, at a pool, on a river, or at any other place where they could fall into the water, they should have swimming lessons as well as wear a life jacket. If you have a pool in your backyard, it's essential that it is fenced in and only accessible by a locked gate that is too tall for small children to open and enter. Drowning is a leading cause of death for small children in many places so don't let it happen to you.

Finally, make sure that your summer is fun. Let your kids relax, don't over schedule them, and spend quality time with them this summer.

Why am I Just Now Finding These?

Summertime means it's time to bring out the sundresses. I love the ease and comfort. What I do not love is the way my thighs always rub together. A little baby powder solves the problem temporarily, but it never lasts.

That's where this split slip comes in! No more thigh rub. Or, more accurately, the thighs may still rub, but there's material between so it's not irritating and annoying. I'm just wondering why it took me so long to find these.

How about you? Did you know these were available? The one I got is short, so it's good for any length skirt or dress, but I think I'm going to order one that's a bit longer, too - maybe like this one. Then I ought to be pretty much covered.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Get the Most Out of Summer with the Kids

Summer can be a wonderful and enjoyable time with the kids, but there are times the summer heat can drain all the energy and fun out of your summer. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your cool all summer long whether you’re at home, outside, or on a fun-filled outing.

Cooling Off the Indoors

A little prep work inside your home will help you remain comfortable during the summer. Install insulated window treatments to block the hot rays of the sun, and remember to keep the drapes pulled on sunny days. Switch out bedding for 100% cotton sheets and lightweight blankets and quilts. Make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly too. There's nothing so frustrating as turning your AC on that first really hot day of summer only to find out that it does not work. If you are looking for AC replacement Fort Myers has many reputable professionals such as those at Gulf Shore Cooling that can help.

Get the Backyard Ready

Summers spent in the backyard can be fun as long as they are safe. Make sure you have plenty of shade. If your lawn lacks trees, use a table with an umbrella for picnic-style meals. Awnings and canopies are ideal for over sandboxes and other play areas, and water toys such as squirt guns, slip and slides, and children’s pools are great ways to cool off with supervision.

When fun is as simple as a lawn sprinkler

Ideal Day Trips

Summer days can become boring quickly when you are a child full of energy. Day trips are an excellent way to show your children new and fun places while spending time together as a family. Cool off at the local pool or spend an afternoon at the beach. The zoo is a wonderful place to visit, and walking the trails at a nearby park can be educational. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun. Do a quick internet search for free (and cheap) things to do in your area.

By following these tips you can have an enjoyable summer that both you and the kids will remember fondly for years to come. It is possible to have fun and stay cool this summer. A few quick changes inside and out along with some fun-filled day trips will help you make the most of this special time together.

What is it About This Blanket?

We bought a couple new blankets recently at Kohl's. The blankets were significantly marked down on clearance, and then we had a coupon and Kohl's cash to use. Of course, that's the only way to shop - have you seen the supposed regular prices on items in the stores? Do people really spend that kind of money? Even the sale prices are more than I want to spend.

Anyway, since we got the new blankets, I really need to get rid of some old ones. We've had them for years, and some of them are in pretty bad shape - not to mention that those old twin/ full-size ones don't really fit on the beds. We need a few of them for the twin mattresses, but not necessarily all of them.

So far I've only pulled one blanket out to get rid of...

This one seemed like a no-brainer since it had holes all across the top of the blanket. But it's one of the softest blankets we had (the new ones are much softer, though), so Jeffrey cut a strip off the top of the blanket. No more holes! Of course, now it's not only almost too narrow for the full-size bed, but it's probably too short too. But maybe we can still use it for something...

Actually, we're going to try using it as extra padding on some of the furniture out in the sunroom. I just haven't had time to arrange the blanket and pillows, so we just folded the blanket and threw it on the back of the loveseat in the sunroom for now. And the cats can't leave it alone. Somebody is always pulling it onto the floor or off the back and onto the seat so he can lay on it - or beside it.