Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Simple Trick Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Car Insurance

How's that for a link bait title?  But just keep reading, because this might just save you hundreds of dollars every year on your car insurance.

Since we moved from Wisconsin to Indiana, we've been a bit frustrated with our insurance rates.  Not only are we insuring the exact same cars and the exact same drivers - at a much higher rate - but those already high rates seem to go up every year.  And when I say go up, I don't mean a little bit.  This past month when we got our auto insurance bill, it had gone up over $200 from the last time we paid it.

So Jeffrey started calling other insurance companies to see if we could save some money by switching companies.  They say you should compare rates on a regular basis, but we honestly never felt a big need to do it.  Until now.  In Wisconsin our rates were reasonable, and when they did go up, it was entirely reasonable.

While he was calling other companies, Jeffrey called our current insurance agent too, to find out why the policy had gone up so much.  The basic answer is that there has been more severe weather in recent years, and they've had to pay out more in claims - so somebody has to pay for that.  That's where all their insurance customers come in - whether or not we've filed any claims.  After all, the insurance company's stock holders expect to make a profit.

Jeffrey asked him if there was something we could do to lower our rates, and that's when our agent told him that if he rewrote our policy and we would be willing to pay annually instead of every 6 months, we could save over $800 a year.  Of course that's not something they're going to tell you.  Unless you ask.  And you have to be able to pay a year's worth of insurance at one time, which in this case amounted to paying about $400 more than we would've had to pay anyway - just for 6 months.

Of course, there's no guarantee you'll get the same savings through your insurance company, but it's certainly worth calling to find out.  And if you're calling insurance companies to compare rates, be sure to ask about the cost of an annual policy while you're at it.  You just might be able to save hundreds of dollars every year.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Disabled Crane Can Mean Trouble for Your Business

With all the action going on outside Jeffrey's office the other day, I thought it was quite timely when I was asked to post the following information about disabled crane parts.  I'm sure there is no good time for a crane to break down, but it would be especially bad in the middle of a big job like moving a huge milk tank into place.  I think the best advice here is to be proactive and have some spare parts on hand so you're ready when a breakdown occurs and don't have to wait for some new parts to arrive.  That, and finding a reliable source so you can get what you need when you need it.

When you take on any job with your overhead crane, big or small, you are expected to deliver. Your client is relying on you to get the job done in order to keep the entire project on schedule. You've got more jobs lined up and employees that are counting on you as well. When you have a disabled crane, it brings everything to a grinding halt. The next time that you need disabled crane parts, don't waste your time. The ProservCrane Group stands at the ready for you.

Find the Parts You Need When You are in a Bind
That dreaded moment when your overhead crane breaks down can be extremely frustrating. Take it in stride when you have a reliable source for parts. With the ProservCrane Group, you'll find a full listing of parts for every model and make of overhead crane. Simply pull up the website, browse the list of parts, and place your order. You are a priority and your parts will arrive at your earliest convenience to get you up and running once again.

Be Proactive
You've been in this business long enough to realize that you have certain parts that are going to burn out. Order what you need the most often from the ProservCrane Group and have your parts on hand. You'll be ready to take on repairs when they arise, ensuring you can deliver the quality service that is a part of your business.

Be Prepared for Regular Maintenance
Take care of your equipment and maintain it well with help from the ProservCrane Group. When you're ready to work on your equipment before the next project, line up your parts with the ProservCrane Group. Representatives are always ready to assist you when you need help finding exactly what you need.

Explore Your Options
The ProservCrane Group goes above and beyond when it comes to overhead cranes. Not only do they offer you a comprehensive assortment of parts, they can help you with installation, servicing, refurbishing, and maintenance. Turn to the team at the ProservCrane Group to take care of your equipment. Your satisfaction is a top priority.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Backpack Snacks: 5 budget friendly foods that will survive a backpack

Just in time for back-to-school we have this handy infographic featuring Backpack Snacks: 5 budget friendly foods that will survive a backpack and provide on-the-go nutrition.  Little bodies need frequent fuel ups, and these snacks provide convenience and nutrition.

The way Jason loves his Cheerios, I bet he'd be thrilled to have a cup or baggy of them in his backpack.  A little trail mix in my purse isn't a bad idea, either.

More information

Monday, September 14, 2015

Keeping Your Equipment Running and in Good Condition

When you own and use heavy duty equipment on a regular basis, you know what a challenge it can be to keep this gear in good condition. When a machine breaks down, you lose valuable time staying on task and keeping your profits intact. Rather than lose time finishing a project, you can find gear like Gaso pump parts online. Having access to the gear you need online can save you time and also let you order what you require without having to wait for local dealers to replenish their inventory.

Online parts dealers make it a regular habit to keep their inventory updated and always ready for customers. Because they service people from all over the country and the world, they also have a wide variety of mainstream and lesser known parts on hand. You can find the gear you need for the pump made by a particular manufacturer, even if local stores do not have the same parts on hand. You can specify in what quantity you need these components and even order extra if you want to have enough on hand for future repair or maintenance jobs.

Pumps come in a wide variety of makes and models themselves. Even the makers themselves create different models so that they can serve a wide variety of clients. If you have a pump that is a 1500 model, for example, you may want to know if the online store has the parts you need on hand. You can click on your model's number and find the gear you need to make the needed repairs. If you are not sure of what kinds of parts you need, you can also refer to the reference table that is on the website. This table makes searching for the needed components easier.

Anytime you begin ordering parts online, you want to know that you can reach someone from the company if necessary. The website makes available several contact options so you can speak with someone if you have concerns or questions. The customer service number is listed at the top of the page. You can also use the email option or click on one of the social media plugin buttons at the top of the page as well. The website also has a form available that you can fill out and submit to the website for help.

He's a Bike Rider

Jason doesn't have anywhere to ride his bike at home, so he doesn't get much of a chance to learn to ride.  We have a nice driveway with lots of riding space, so his Uncle Cory brought the bike along when they came to visit.  At first Jason was having some trouble peddling and spent most of his time looking at his feet to see what they were doing.  That made it a bit tough for him to steer, too.

After a few days of practice, the boy was peddling like a pro and riding that bike all over the driveway - down the driveway, up the driveway, into the garage.  One of his favorite games was to chase me all over the driveway while I gave him a hard time about how he'd never catch me.  He might not have been able to catch me at first, but I was having to run to stay away from him by the end.

And sometimes I had to take a break.  Four-year-olds have more energy than the rest of us, I think.  While I took a break, he'd keep riding around the driveway and playing his other favorite game.

This little boy really does crack me up.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Rugged Heavy Duty Mats

Ever since we built our first house and my brother walked from the front door, across the (brand new) living room carpet and into the kitchen, tracking mud all the way, I have had a no shoe policy in my house.  That means shoes come off at the door, and we don't track whatever our shoes may have come in contact with into and through the house.  And, I expect the people who come to visit to take their shoes off, too.

Milliken Forma available from Syncros Entrance Matting SystemsOf course, for stores, offices, and other places of business, a no-shoe policy is not possible.  People are going to be walking in and out all day long, and they are going to be wearing their shoes.  Dirt, water, snow, and other debris will be tracked into the building on the soles of all those shoes, unless something is done to stop it.  The proper entrance mat is specially designed to stop that debris at the door and maintain a clean and welcoming entrance.  Not only that, but entrance mats help protect flooring, and they protect guests and employees from slips and falls.

There are a wide variety of rugged heavy duty mats to choose from.  Here are two kinds that you've probably seen:
  • Grip Rock
    This is the original non-slip matting made from crushed garnet and ceramic beads with fiberglass in the middle. The highly textured surface provides maximum slip resistance and secure footing, promotes safety, resists fungal and bacterial growth, maintains employee performance, and decreases time off related to injuries from accidents and possible workers compensation claims and litigation. Comes in standard sizes, rolls, or custom cuts and is available unbacked for glue-down applications.
    It is commonly used in restaurants, food preparation areas, beverage stations, washing areas, freezers, kitchens, stairways, under thresholds, on incline ramps, in industrial areas, hospitals and more. 
  • Poly Weave
    This carpet in heavy duty polypropylene is available in five patterns, many color options, and in rolls, tiles or custom cut sizes. The unique and rugged carpet is popular with its blend of 18-240 dpf solution dyed heavy duty UV stabilized olefin fiber (polypropylene) with a synthetic non-skid rubber backing. It is used indoors or out on the surface or recessed, is UV fade resistant, has a thickness of 7/16”, and more.
I still believe shoes have no place in the house, but these are some good options for places that can't have such a policy.

First Day of 4K

It's hard to believe.  It seems just yesterday that our adorable grandson Jason was born.  Now he's 4 years old and started school today.  OK, so they start kids in school a lot earlier than they used to.  His mommy had to wait until she was almost 6 to start kindergarten.  But I'm again asking myself - "Where does the time go?"

Who told the little stinker he could grow up so fast?  Somebody tell him to just stay little.

(If he's anything like my kids, which I'm pretty sure he is since he's related to both of them, then he wouldn't listen anyway.)

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Gift Ideas for Men

When it comes to shopping for gifts, I either know exactly what to buy for someone, or I'm at a complete loss.  Some people are just easy to buy for; I'll see something in the store or online, and it has their name written in capital letters all over it.  For others, gift giving takes a little more thought and planning.

Thankfully, most of my gift-giving involves that kind of see it, grab it, give it process.  If I had to make a list of everyone I should buy a gift for and find something for all of them - all for the same occasion - I'd be in huge trouble.  I do not envy those of you who are just beginning to think about Christmas shopping.  Better you than me!  I hear it is never too early to start planning, though I'd probably leave it to the last minute because once I buy a gift, I need to give it to that person NOW.  How do you stand waiting?

If you are starting to think about gifts for the men in your life, the following list of gift ideas may be handy.  Wait, or don't; it's up to you.

Monthly Gifts
Subscription boxes have become extremely popular in the last few years. Your recipient will receive one box a month filled with goodies.  There are many different subscription options with boxes available for gamers, golfers, cat lovers, bakers, and pretty much anyone else you can think of.  Subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving.  They may not be the cheapest gifts available, but your gift recipient will remember you every month when that box comes in the mail!

Practical Gifts
I tend to think that practical gifts make some of the best gifts. Think about something that your gift recipient does, or likes to do, on a regular basis, and give him something to help him with that.  If your guy likes to cook, perhaps get him that new kitchen gadget you've seen advertised, something he might enjoy but not actually buy for himself. If he likes to keep his facial hair to a minimum, consider some high quality shaving supplies nicely arranged in a basket.  The key is to tailor the gift specifically to your recipient and think of something he will actually use, instead of just putting it away somewhere (after saying "Thank You" of course) never to see the light of day.

Homemade Gifts
Homemade gifts are the most personal of all gifts.  Anyone can go out and buy something at the store, but it takes immense time, dedication and consideration to handcraft a gift.   Homemade gifts can also be a great way to stick to a tight budget.  Think about where your talents lie and give something that uses those talents.  If you're a baker, bake some cookies or banana bread or something you know he really likes.  If you can crochet or knit, a scarf or hat might be really appreciated.  Making something yourself is a great way to show someone you care about him without spending a ton of money.

Do you have any other great gift ideas?

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

I just visited my own blog and realized I haven't posted here since June.  JUNE?  What happened to July and August? 

You know, if I was blogging consistently and keeping up with things, I'd know what happened during those months.  But I didn't, and now I wonder if I will ever remember. 

I know in June, after that last post, I spent a week at Camp Outreach, which was an amazing experience. 

And then the rest is escaping me now.  I know there was some gardening, lots of mowing because this summer was crazy rainy, a canoe trip, visiting our kids and seeing Cory in a play, but don't ask me for details.  (I really should sit down and try harder)

Challenge Participant
The main reason I was here was to post this badge here:

I'm a member of NetGalley, which is a really great way to read new books and spread the word about the good ones.  Unfortunately, though I love to read, I'm not always that great at writing reviews.  That's why I joined the NetGalley Challenge which is supposed to offer some great resources for writing better reviews.  I'm looking forward to it.

Of course, I also need something to help me read faster because there are always so many books I want to read.  And so little time.