Friday, April 21, 2017

Communications While Traveling; You Don't Have To Do It All

As a busy global professional, you need to stay on the go so that you can meet with clients and make money for your business.  However, your busy schedule does not exempt you from fulfilling important obligations like corresponding by U.S. mail, sending out products, or notarizing documents needed for legal or business purposes.

Renting services for mail delivery, package forwarding, and notary NYC paperwork can help busy professionals like you continue your travels and stay on task.

Business handshake

Privacy and Convenience

Many of your business endeavors may require the utmost of privacy and security.  You do not want unauthorized parties to know what you are doing or with whom you are corresponding. 

Rather than rent an unattended mailbox or use the mailing address of a relative, friend, or business partner, you can keep your activities discreet and well-guarded by renting the services of a professional mailbox facility.  The staff on duty there are held to the tightest of privacy standards so that you can be assured that your correspondence and packages are handled confidentially and without the interference of parties who are not authorized to know your business.

Likewise, you can get these services on your terms so that you know when and how often the letters and packages will be handled and sent out on your behalf.  For example, if you run a business that specializes in seasonal goods like Christmas candy or Halloween costumes, you do not want your packages to be sent out to clients in March or April well before these holidays occur. 

Instead, you can secure the services to receive and send out the packages according to a timeline that fits your business's needs.  Your products can be forwarded in September or October, for example, so that clients get them early enough yet still close to the holidays for which the goods are intended.

package delivery companies Pensacola

Notarizing Documents

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need paperwork notarized before it can be filed or used for legal purposes.  Finding a notary public when you are away from home and in a place with which you are not familiar can be challenging.

The service has a notary public on duty who can notarize your papers before they are sent to you.  You can get the papers submitted and available for your use quickly.

Global travelers like you do not have time to worry about mail pickup or package forwarding.  You can get all of these services as well as notary help and more by renting from a mailbox facility today.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Free Audiobooks All Summer Long

Once again book lovers will be able to download two FREE audiobooks each week. All Summer Long. And summer starts next week at Sync! (and runs through August 16th)

Returning April 27, SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week - pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. For a complete list of this year's titles, be sure to check out the list of 2017 Sync titles.

Be sure to sign up for email or text alerts to be notified when new titles are available to download at

Download Details
  • Downloads are in MP3 format and are Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Downloads will operate through the (free) OverDrive app.
  • Most listening devices are supported.
  • Each SYNC audiobook is available for download for a period of 7 days (only).
And, yes they're for teens, but I know I'm going to download them and enjoy them too. How about you?

Monday, April 03, 2017

High School Seniors Can Have A Perfect Final Semester

Everyone has probably heard about "senioritis" by now, which refers to the tendency that high school seniors have to slack off and lose interest during their final semester of high school. It's a pretty unsurprising phenomenon. After all, by the time seniors get to the final stretch of their high school career, chances are that they're worn out, tired, and ready to just get the heck out of there.

While some seniors might succumb to senioritis, not every high school senior needs to give a lackluster performance during their final semester. In fact, it's very important not to succumb and to finish high school strong.

High school never ends!

Here are a few things to remember during that final high school semester: (and all throughout high school, for that matter)
  • Remember That Colleges Check
    A lot of high school seniors have already been accepted into college by the time they have entered their final semester. For this reason, it becomes tempting to want to stop putting in a full effort and start slacking off. However, it's important for seniors to remember that colleges have the ability to, and often will check final semester grades. Many poor high school students have lost their spots at great colleges because they had an extremely disappointing final high school semester. For this reason, it's important to remember to keep making an effort all the way to the finish line.
  • Focus On Personal Enrichment
    High school seniors, such as those who attend Landon School, would be wise to remember that their academic career isn't just about making great grades to show a college. Rather, it's about developing the skills and accumulating the knowledge that will help them in adulthood, both as employees and as citizens. Whether you're a Landon School student or attend another school, try to find personal enrichment in your final semester's curriculum.
  • Make Memories
    Many high school seniors feel stifled and ready to get out by the time they reach their final semester. However, it's important to remember that once high school is over, it's over forever. This is why students should focus on enjoying every moment and making great memories that will last them for the rest of their lives. Whether this means trying a new sport or joining a new club, focus on cherishing the small amount of time you have left as a high school student. Once it's gone, there's no getting it back.
  • Focus On The Finish Line
    High school seniors should treat the final semester like a marathon, not a sprint. They should focus on the finish line, sure, but they should also savor every moment. On the days that they feel discouraged or sick of their schoolwork, there's nothing wrong with taking a moment to dream about graduation or their first day of college. However, after taking a moment to dream, it's important that they get back to work and focus on their studies. That finish line is so close; don't stop now!
You're only a high school student once. This is why it's so important to make the most of it, even if you're chomping at the bit to graduate and head off to college. Don't become one of the countless kids who succumbs to senioritis. Instead, work hard, make memories with your friends and keep going until you reach the finish line.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

I Love My Himalayan Salt Lamps

I had never heard of Himalayan salt lamps until we visited Cory in Door County the summer he interned with Door Shakespeare. I didn't end up buying one, but we had an interesting conversation with the shop owner about all the benefits, and I knew I'd want to get at least one of these lamps for my home. Not only are they pretty, but they have quite a few benefits. Himalayan salt lamps create these little things called ‘negative ions’, which are amazing for killing bacteria, cleaning the air, alleviating allergies and anxiety, and much more.

Here's some info I received in my email recently:
Experts have been studying negative ions and Himalayan salt lamps for some time now. Here are some of the things they can do for you:
  • Improve mood - Negative ions are thought to create reactions in the brain that release mood chemicals and literally make you happier and more content. They also improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain, relieving stress, anxiety, and brain fog.
  • Improve sleep - Himalayan salt lamps relieve allergies and anxiety, and help prevent irregular sleep patterns. That means even just one by your bed is certain to help you fall asleep and stay asleep in the most restful way possible.
  • Clean the air - Himalayan salt lamps essentially suck in air filled with dust, pet dander, mold, and so on, trap the gunk inside the salt, and release the pure, cleaned air back into the room. Those with allergies or asthma would LOVE the noticeable change.

I'm not convinced enough to keep one in the bedroom, because even with a very low wattage bulb, these lamps put out quite a bit of light. And, no, you do not want to turn it off or unplug it when you go to bed, because it's the reaction of the heat with the salt that creates those negative ions and gives you all the benefits. Also, especially in the summertime, you'll want to replace the bulb pretty quickly whenever it burns out, because the salt attracts moisture and will become wet. These really are supposed to be on all the time.

So far I only have two of them - from Amazon and linked in this post - but I keep thinking about buying more. I like the first one best, mainly because all of the salt glows, from top to bottom. The second one is taller, and the light just shines in the bottom with the salt on top looking like there's no light. Maybe that would be the kind to use in the bedroom, perhaps if hidden a bit behind something else?

Do you have salt lamps in your house? Have you noticed any of the benefits?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You'll Always be My Baby

No matter how old our kids get, they'll always be our babies, won't they? We've loved them from the moment we knew they were on the way - from the positive pregnancy test, the first time we heard their heartbeat, that first ultrasound, to the moment we finally got to hold them in our arms.

I was reminded of this a couple times yesterday on Facebook:
  • One of my nieces turned 10, and her dad (my brother) said that while she has grown into an amazing and beautiful young lady, and he can't wait to see where she goes from here, he still wants to keep her as his little girl for as long as possible.  My mom replied, "Trust me: she will always be your little girl. Just like you will always be my little boy." Yes, he's all grown, 6 foot 5 inches tall, and married with three girls of his own, but he'll always be his mom's baby. (and he'll always be my 'baby brother' but that's a whole different thing)
  • Another one of my friends, who is a teacher, had a kindergartner in tears. Why? One of her classmates had called her a baby. The teacher's response, "You will always be a baby to your parents. Do you know what my mom calls me? Her baby." And the tears dried up as the kindergarten girl realized that all of us will always be babies to our parents.
My baby will be 25 this summer. 25! How in the world did that happen? It seems like yesterday that he was just a cute little guy. He's still pretty cute, but he's not so little anymore. On a side note, I married his dad a month before he turned 25. How can our son be almost that same age?

Those 25 years certainly explain the difference in what the sonograms we had with both our babies looked like and what sonograms look like today. I've been looking through some images, and technology has really advanced in those 25 years. Nowadays you can really see your unborn baby with 3D and 4D (video) imaging. I am in awe of these images! You do not need a technician to explain what you are seeing, as we did, because these images are so clear.

What our sonograms looked like:
Can you see his little face? Kind of, and we loved what we saw, but look what can be seen now:

Absolutely amazing! If you just can't wait until your baby is born to see that little face or count those little toes and fingers, these are great. You can start showing off your little one before he or she is even born. Not that we didn't do that, too - but this is so much better. You can also get high quality images suitable for framing and displaying on your wall - your baby's first portraits!

Have any of you had professional 3D ultrasound images taken of your babies? What did you think of the experience?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Boost Your Frozen Yogurt Business

We all love frozen yogurt, right? Perhaps you've even thought of starting your own frozen yogurt business. It sounds like nothing but fun and all the delicious frozen yogurt you can eat, but there is also a lot of responsibility. For instance, offering kosher frozen yogurt helps ensure that your customers get the best for their money. Would you have thought of that? I know I wouldn't have, so it helps to always do a lot of research before diving into any new business - even one as tasty as frozen yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt with Fruits

Here are some great tips to help you have the best frozen yogurt business possible:
  • Provide Different Types of Yogurt: There is more to selling frozen yogurt than just offering tasty flavors and toppings. Your customers are going to want a treat that fits their lifestyle. A customer who is looking for an alternative to ice cream may enjoy non fat, low fat or no sugar added options. Be sure to always taste test your products to ensure your customers are not sacrificing great taste for a low fat or no sugar added option. (Yes, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!)
  • Offer a Variety of Flavors: A menu full of delicious flavors is sure to appeal to your customers. Start by offering traditional flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Butter Pecan. These are perfect for customers who just want something simple but sweet. For the more adventurous customers, you'll want to offer a range of fun flavors, such as S'Mores, Red Velvet Cupcake, Cappuccino and Hazelnut Irish Cream. This appeals to customers who enjoy trying new flavors. You can even offer holiday flavors such as Pumpkin Royale, Apple Pie and Candy Cane. You don't have to offer all of the flavors all of the time. Rotate them in, and your customers will come back in more often to find out what's available now.
  • Be Mindful of Health and Diet Restrictions: Your customers are going to have different health and diet restrictions, such as a food allergy or weight-loss diet. This is why it is important to offer options that appeal to everyone. Steer away from flavors that are made with high fructose corn syrup or growth hormones. Use flavors that contain real milk, vitamin A and vitamin D3.
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Invest In Flavor Cups: There are several benefits of investing in flavor cups for your business. Flavor cups come in a wide variety of flavors, and you can even mix the flavors to create an exclusive dish for your customers. The pre-portioned cups make it easy to mix the right amount of frozen yogurt. You can also save space in your freezer because the cups are small.
No, you can't make all the people happy all the time, but it looks like the key to a successful business is, yes - delicious frozen yogurt in lots of fun and creative flavors, but also thinking about the needs of your individual customers and making sure there are some options for everyone. A wide variety of flavors and healthy choices will have your customers coming back again and again.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Doodle 4 Google Voting Open

I love this every year. Young people are given a theme - this year it's "what I see for the future" -, and they design a Google doodle. These kids are crazy creative!

Judges have selected State and Territory finalists, and public voting is now open to choose five National Finalists. Check out the gallery of submissions and cast your vote before March 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm EST.  Click on the doodles to learn more about the artists' visions of the future and vote for your favorite.

That is easier said than done. I just looked through all of them, and I'm not sure I can actually pick a favorite. There are lots of good ones. Like I said, these kids are crazy creative!

Be sure to check all the doodles out and let me know which one(s) you like best!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Do You Have an Award Winning Movie in You?

Are you getting tired of your current profession? If this is the case, you should take steps to put yourself on a better career path. There is no reason that you should spend the rest of your life doing a job that you are not excited about. So what will your new job be? There are certainly many things you can try your hand at. Are you a big movie fan? With the Oscars coming up, you may be thinking about channeling your enthusiasm for movies into a new career as a screenwriter. There are many reasons why this could be a great career change for you. 'writer'

Consider all of these things:
  1. You will finally be able to be your own boss.
    Being a professional screenwriter gives you an enormous amount of personal freedom that most other jobs will not be able to match. You will determine how much you work and when you will do your writing. You will no longer have a boss looking over your shoulder for 40 hours each week. The ability to take control of their own destiny is something that most people desire. However, very few of them will ever realize this dream. You will control your own destiny if you work as a screenwriter.
  2. You will have a job that allows you to be creative.
    There are far too many people who are stuck working at jobs that do not challenge them at all. They are very repetitive and boring. Writing screenplays for a living will get your creative juices flowing. You can think up stories about any subject that interests you. You might even be interested in writing an adapted screenplay of a novel that you read in the past. It is completely up to you.
  3. You will have more free time. And the Oscar goes to...
    Having to go to a full-time job means that you do not have a lot of personal time. Becoming a screenwriter will definitely free up your schedule. You will no longer need to get up at the crack of dawn and sit in rush hour traffic every day. You can use this extra free time to travel or spend more time with your family. You will have a much more leisurely lifestyle than you had before.
  4. The money is very good.
    You will find that screenwriters make a very nice living. You will not be disappointed with your pay if you sell a screenplay.

Who knows - maybe the next Oscar-winning movie will come from your imagination!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Create Your Own Colonial Masterpiece

Have you ever visited a historical home and wished you could recreate that cozy feeling in your own home? It is easier than you think. By changing a few basic elements you can capture that vintage look throughout your home.

The Dining Room

Colonial dining rooms have a formal feeling while still being very inviting. Wainscoting is a must. Use trim pieces to make a chair rail approximately three feet up from the floor. You can use textured wall paper, paneling, or bead board underneath to recreate the slatted look of boards. Paint the top portion of the walls in a neutral shade while using rich blues, greens, or cranberry shades for the lower half, trim, and doors. Cover windows with heavy drapes, and hang vintage portraits for a completely colonial appearance. All of these items can be found at your local home improvement store.

The Living Room

Make the fireplace the focal point of the room rather than the TV. TVs and other electronics can be placed inside of an armoire where they can be hidden behind closed doors when not in use. Place all of the furniture facing the fireplace. Decorate the mantle with antique candle holders, pewter pieces, and vintage figurines. Don’t forget to add vintage fireplace tools next to the hearth. You can find these at online merchants such as Adams Fireplace Shop.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. In colonial days this was especially true. Keep that in mind while decorating. Colonists kept everything they needed in this room. Hang baskets from a beam on the ceiling, stack pottery dishes on a wooden shelf, and allow the cast iron pots and pans to serve double duty as decorations. Use a large wooden table with matching benches and chairs as the anchor in the room. Find candle sticks and a crock filled with flowers to use as the center piece. Homespun curtains and towels will complete the old fashioned look and feel.

By making these few simple changes within your home, you will be well on your way to creating a vintage feel in your own home. Use these tips to get started, and then you can add more antique pieces as time goes by. Before you know it, you’ll have your own beautifully warm and cozy colonial home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Don't Always Steal Cereal...

...but when I do, I take it back.

A few weeks ago, I bought a couple boxes of granola. At least I thought I had bought some granola, until I wanted to open a box and have some for breakfast. And then I could not find that granola anywhere. I checked the shelf I normally put cereal on; I checked the top shelf where I store the extra cereal when I have too much for the regular shelf; and then I checked again. Then I checked my van, just in case I had somehow left a bag in there. And I checked again. No granola. It just was not in my house.

I started wondering if I had actually bought the granola, or maybe I just thought about buying it and then decided against it. Then I dug out my receipt and checked. Yep, I definitely bought granola.

So I called the store - even though it had been almost two weeks - just to see if perhaps they kept a record of any items left behind at the registers. Nope, no record. They keep things for about a week and then put them back. But, Kyle said that wasn't a problem, and they'd be happy to replace my two boxes of granola. So I wrote his name on the top of my receipt, and finally got back to the store about a week later. They were indeed happy to give me two new boxes of granola to replace the two I couldn't find. No questions asked.

I took my new boxes home and placed them in my cabinet. Then a few days later I moved some oatmeal boxes - and found my original boxes of granola behind them.

Which means next time I was out, I took those replacement boxes back to the store. The lady behind the customer service desk just smiled.