Thursday, October 20, 2016

Interior Surface Renovations

There are times that a simple surface renovation of your home can refresh and update the look of every room. It is not as costly as some deep renovation projects, but just as effective in giving a new shine to your home. You can find a local remodeling contractor that can get these projects done quickly and affordably.

Drywall and Plastering
Cracks and holes in drywall and plaster can make a home look old and shabby. Moving furniture, accidental damage and uneven foundation settling can cause areas to crack and break away. These repairs can be done right and make the surfaces look like new again. You will not be able to tell there was any damage.

Painting and Wallcovering
A fresh coat of paint using contemporary colors can really brighten a home. A quality gloss product can even withstand the rigors of small children. It makes the wall surfaces washable. Specialized wallcoverings like wainscoting and paneling can bring a sophisticated look to any area of the home.

Old tired carpeting, linoleum, broken floor tiles or scratched wood flooring can make a home look used and drab. Renovate the flooring using high quality modern products that will last longer and look newer for a longer period of time. It is possible in many cases to refinish natural wood flooring and have it look as good as new. There are also quality laminate products that look as nice as natural wood for a fraction of the price.

It might be time to part with the old, stained and ugly laminate counters. There are a variety of slab stone and compressed products that will make your bathrooms and kitchen shine like never before. You can go with a chic marble, stoic granite or everlasting soapstone, just to name a few.

Tile and Grout
Tile floors, counters and walls that are made of outdated colors, patterns and materials can be removed and replaced with products that are incredibly beautiful and contemporary. New grout will stay cleaner looking for longer periods of time. It can completely transform the home.

Call on home renovations specialists like to find a local contractor that can get started right away!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spice Up Your Clothes with Patches

Are you looking for an easy way to give your clothes a little extra personality?  With options from embroidered patches to satin, taffeta, or laser cut labels, clothing patches are one of the quickest ways to make a splash.   Patches can be placed on shirts, jackets, or jeans. It's really up to you what direction you want to go and what you want to say.

Northern Soul holdall

Here are some of the ways patches can be used:

Root for a Cause
Unique patches are ideal when you are supporting a cause. Whether you are standing up for a charity, an organization, or someone you love, you can give everyone involved a patch that represents your cause. You can also make patches a part of a fundraiser that will raise awareness while also increasing donations.

Promote Solidarity
When you want everyone to stand together, patches are an excellent way to demonstrate solidarity. When everyone has an eye-catching patch, you can make a powerful statement. Design your patch to fulfill your needs with a logo, graphics, and colors that work for you.

Make a Fashion Statement
Think patches when you are looking for some fun with your clothes. You can throw them on anything, choosing patches that are discreet, or going big to really make others notice your distinctive sense of style.

Enhance Your Uniforms
If you own a business and require uniforms, consider using patches to make sure everyone sees your logo. It is a great way to brand yourself. Even if you don't have a uniform, you can give all of your employees a jacket that includes a patch in order to spread the word about your company. It is an effective option to thank your employees as well when you give them a company coat.

Make Patches Work for You
Only you know the best way to use patches in your life. Whether you want it for your sporting event, your business, or personal use, you need to consider how patches can make a difference. Dress up the simplest clothes with a stylish patch. Say it your way with the patch that you have designed. Remember someone special or an important event in history. With patches, it is really up to you as you make the most of them. Choose what you want and your patches can be customized to work for you.

Why Didn't We Do This Sooner?

We haven't had an actual home phone in ages. Several years ago we transferred our home phone number to my cell phone and went to all cell phones.  It's definitely saved us money, and we haven't missed the home phone at all.

Except that I had to get used to keeping my cell phone close by and checking periodically to see if anyone had called.  And, of course, all those annoying telemarketer calls now come to my cell phone, but I have blocked a whole bunch of them.  I do still tend to leave my cell phone in one room while I'm off working in another, or downstairs when I run upstairs to do something.  Of course, that's exactly when someone I actually want to talk to decides to call.  And I don't always remember to check when I come down.

That problem is now in the past.  We got one of these cordless phone systems that connects to my phone via Bluetooth.  Now, when my phone rings, it also rings on both handsets, one upstairs and one down.  It's really loud and hard to miss, which is a good thing because sometimes I just don't hear the cell phone, especially when I 'm in the other room.  And, when I leave my phone downstairs and my son calls (somehow he seems to do this regularly), I can still answer the phone and talk to him.  It's been really convenient, and I keep wondering why we didn't do this sooner.  I know these phones have been around for a while, but I just didn't think to check into it.

I know our cell phone company offers a 'home phone' service, which is a separate line and costs $20/month, but this does the exact same thing with no new phone number and no monthly charge.  The cost of the phone system itself is only a couple month's worth of service, and additional handsets (the system is expandable up to 5 handsets) are only $20, so if you need more than 2 handsets, they pay for themselves in just a month or two.  That is, if you're thinking of adding a home phone service like this.  If you're still paying for a traditional landline, this is a great way to save a lot of money - unless the cost of phone service has decreased significantly since we stopped using it, which I doubt - by cancelling that service and still keeping the convenience of having a home phone.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Monitor Your Health with Test Kits

Some people think that the only way they can know what is going on inside of their body is by visiting a doctor, paying a consultation fee, paying for tests, and then paying for the doctor to give them the test results. Of course, there are times when consulting with a medical professional is absolutely essential if you want to maintain good health, but there are also some good options for monitoring your health on your own. There are devices and test kits that you can purchase in order to monitor many different health problems you have or even to find out if you have a particular health problem.

Medical Lab Tests.
Many people will purchase different types of test kits in order to monitor a particular condition. They will work closely with their doctor in order to find out how to use the kit and then to do the testing on a regular basis. When they notice a change, they will report this change to their doctor, and then they will get the treatment or the help they need. There are many reasons why this is beneficial. First, it gives a person peace of mind. Just think about how a person who has high blood pressure feels when they know they have high blood pressure. They may take steps in order to lower their blood pressure, but if they only have their blood pressure read when they visit their doctor, they will not know how their blood pressure is doing until the next appointment. However, if they get a blood pressure monitoring device and keep it in their home, they can measure their blood pressure whenever they want to. This will help them to chart their progress and see if they have made any improvement.

Other people decide to do different types of tests that they can purchase online.  When a person begins to do research on different conditions they have, they may see that other tests may be available, tests their doctors have not thought about or will not order. There are a variety of tests available, including ELISA kits, for example.  Individuals will purchase these tests, visit a local laboratory in order to have their blood drawn or in order to drop off other specimens, then they will return in order to pick up the results. Once they have these results, they can consult a medical professional. The great thing about the ability to do this kind of testing is that it helps an individual to accurately see what is going on inside of their body.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Sad Day

Our first two houses we had built.  They were in new subdivisions that had been corn fields until someone decided to sell lots and start building houses.  So, we didn't have trees.  At least not trees of any size.   Do you know how long it takes for a tree to grow?  Years.

We did have a couple young Maple trees in Wisconsin that were there when we built the house, so we let them grow.  They weren't huge, but they had gotten pretty tall, and then we lost them in the tornado.

Beginning on the tree out front
So we were excited when we moved here to finally have trees.  So excited to have trees that I took lots of pictures of our trees.  No, actually I didn't; I just spent quite a bit of time looking through all my pictures from the summer we moved here, and I can't find one picture of the trees I want to talk about now.  But they were here, and they were big, and they were beautiful and healthy.  That fall was the first time we had ever had to rake leaves.  And there were a lot of leaves.

It takes the right equipment
But apparently something very small can kill something very big and old in a very short time.  I had heard of the Emerald Ash Borer, but hadn't really paid attention.  It was something about not being able to take firewood from one area to another, but it didn't really seem to apply to us.  But when we got these trees, it did apply to us - only we didn't really think about it or realize it.  Until our trees died.  One summer they had leaves; the next they didn't.  Or not very many.  And this summer there was one small branch on one of the two Ash trees that had some leaves.  One.

The tree in the back yard

Multi-year studies have shown that if more than 50% of the canopy has been killed by EAB or if the canopy appears to be thin and carrying less than half as much foliage as it should, it is probably too late to save the tree.

Making progress

So, but the time we noticed anything was wrong (honestly, but the time I even knew they were Ash trees), it was too late to do anything.  Except have the trees removed.

Today we had the nice guys from Sutton's Tree, Lawn, Landscape come and begin the process of taking the trees out.  While it was interesting to watch them, I couldn't help thinking as I watched them come down, "Our poor trees."  It's just crazy that a little Asian bug can cause so much damage.

Tomorrow they come and take the rest
Yes, we do still have more trees than we had before, but it's really sad to see these two go.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Host an Unforgettable Graduation Party

Congratulations  ♥It's that time of year again, when students from high schools, colleges,  and universities graduate and enter the work force. Celebrate this momentous time in a young person's life by hosting a graduation party that they will never forget. With a good guest list, age appropriate music and entertainment, and high quality food and concessions, you can host the most amazing, epic graduation party of the year. These simple tips will help you plan a great party with only a little effort.

Start your party right by inviting the right people. All of your family should be invited to celebrate this important occasion and reward the hard work of the diligent student. Also, the student's friends, colleagues, and associates should be invited to partake in and enjoy the festivities. Maybe most importantly of all, consider inviting nearby neighbors to your graduation party, especially if you plan on making a lot of noise while you celebrate. Even if you don't invite them, be sure to let your neighbors know in advance that you'll be hosting so they are not taken by surprise.

Next, get great decorations with a graduation theme for your party. Get balloons, napkins, dinnnerware, and cutlery in colors that match your graduate's school colors. Hang up a wide banner that says "Congratulations Graduate," so everyone will be reminded of the occasion. You can up the ante with special effects, such as smoke machines, strobe lights, and bubble machines. Hire a reputable DJ, band, or singer to perform, and make sure you have good speakers to broadcast your tunes. Encourage your guests to dance and have a great time.

You have many options for feeding guests at a graduation party, so choose your food depending on your tastes, styles, and audience. Some choose a large buffet with lots of options for guests to choose from, in a number of culinary styles. Some people serve only appetizers, tapas, or canapes to their guests. For an extravagant touch, consider a having a carnival theme with real concession food, like that provided by M.R.S. Packaging Ltd. You can click here for more information and for other graduation party ideas. The most important thing to remember about food at a party is to make sure you have enough of it.

Toast your graduate's success with an unforgettable graduation party this year. After all, hard work deserves a great reward. Awesome friends, family, music, and food will guarantee a party that will leave your guests truly impressed.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Improve Water Capacity with Mini Dredges

If you're in need of waste water and dewatering services, consider Sandling Industrial Services. They offer water treatment rentals that can solve a number of problems, from waste stream processing to reduced capacity in holding basins.

Mini Dredges for Rent
mini dredge 073105
Perhaps you've discovered that capacity in a cooling pond or water pond has been minimized. Perhaps you've noticed a decrease in overall productivity and suspect waste water might be the source of the problem. Sandling Industrial Services has high-quality mini dredges for rent that can improve the storage capacity of your body of water.

Get Rid of Sediment

If sediment is clogging up your pit, pond, or canal, you may need the help of a mini dredge. These machines are portable, small, and easy to use, and they can get rid of sediment quickly and efficiently. They are not damaging to the body of water or the surrounding area. While many older machines do wreak havoc on shores, mini dredges are safe to use for sediment removal.

When you enlist the use of a mini dredge from Sandling Industrial Services, you'll receive all the rental equipment you need to solve your water capacity problems. Their rental equipment is affordable, and they will work hard until you have regained the full capacity of your pond or lake.

The Benefits of Mini Dredges

Mini dredges are a great solution when you need sediment removed from a body of water. They are very good at getting rid of sludge materials, mud, silt, and sand. Whatever kind of sediment is clogging up your lake, mini dredges from Sandling Industrial Services can help you to remove it in full.

High-Quality Equipment

When you choose Sandling Industrial Services for your water treatment equipment needs, you know that you're getting the best equipment available on the market. They pride themselves on keeping their equipment well maintained at all times, and their team members are all highly experienced. Whether you need mini dredges or belt presses, you can trust that Sandling Industrial Services has top notch equipment.

If you have a waste water problem, you need a skilled problem solver. Sandling Industrial Services has the equipment and staff you need to improve the capacity of your lake or pond. Contact them soon to learn more about the services they offer. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Summer Full of Free Audio Books

Once again Sync is giving away two free audio books every week all summer long.  The first two books are available now, and two new books become available on Thursdays all throughout the summer for a total of 30 titles.  Here's the complete list of Sync 2016 titles.

I haven't really looked through the list to see what the books are going to be, but you know how much I love books and free stuff, so you know I'll be downloading all of them.  It's a great way to discover new books.

The books are only available for one week, so be sure to grab them while you can.  I've found it very helpful to sign up for weekly reminders so I get a text when the new titles become available.

Download Details
  • Downloads are in MP3 format, hosted by OverDrive, and are Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Downloads will operate through the OverDrive app.
  • Most listening devices are supported.
  • Each SYNC audiobook will be available for download for a period of 7 days (only).
  • Titles, once downloaded, are yours to keep.

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Tub Would Feel Nice About Now

We've taken on several projects since we moved to this house a couple years ago.  We took down the wallpaper in the dining room and repainted most of the downstairs.  We ripped out the carpet in the family room, living room, and dining room and put hardwood floors down.  On a side note - have you ever wondered why in the world people put carpet in the dining room?  Or put an area rug down under the table if they've got hardwood or tile in the dining room?  I'm of a mind that if food gets dropped on the floor, the hard surface is a lot easier to clean than a rug.

Another project that we think about is re-doing our bathroom.  Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how we would make that work yet.  The master bath was the one thing that worried Jeffrey when he looked at this house.  The rest of it was perfect - except for those things we wanted to change - but the master bath is quite small.  We'd looked at houses with larger bathrooms, with the double-bowl sinks that Jeffrey has always wanted, and some with large whirlpool tubs that would be so nice to soak in after a day like today.  I mowed the yard, and the warm jetted water would be great for my tired muscles.

But, for now we make do with a single sink and just a shower - no tub.  One suggestion for a small bathroom is to get a corner tub, but we don't have even that much room.  Of course, you can search by style and size online to pick the perfect one, so maybe I should go measure...

Our shower does have two shower heads, and both can be set to massage, so that's something.  Eventually we want to find a whirlpool tub we can put outside on the patio, where we have plenty of room.  It's not quite the same as having a luxurious bathroom, but it will be nice.

Do you have a whirlpool tub in your bathroom?  Do you like it and use it often?