Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hosting a Springtime Brunch

BrunchAfter a long winter, spring is the perfect time to host a brunch for friends, family or neighbors. Whether you are hosting just for fun, to celebrate a milestone birthday or life event or to host a big holiday, there are three easy ways to make your brunch easy to host and a hit with your guests.
  • Buffet - While preparing food is arguably the most stressful part of hosting a big event at your home, there are many ways to help make it a little less intimidating. Consider making it a buffet where you prepare a variety of foods and have warming dishes set up to hold food. This allows your guests lots of choices, and it's easier to accommodate various dietary needs or food preferences. A simple way to do it is to prepare two hot breakfast items like casseroles or quiches, one with meat and one that is vegetarian as your main dish. Add in a fruit salad, buy some pastries Schaumburg, and create a couple of side dishes and you are good to go.
  • Host Outside - If possible, plan to host your brunch outside. The springtime air, the blossoming flowers, and the earth coming back to life is enough to put everyone in a good mood. While weather can be poor with rain showers, host under a rented tent or have a back-up plan to move indoors if the weather just will not cooperate.
  • Table SettingSpringtime table settings and décor should be bright and floral. Buy a pastel or bold table runner or tablecloth that has flowers within the pattern. Of course, fresh springtime flowers like carnations and roses should be on each tabletop as décor but also give guests an opportunity to create their own small flower arrangement as a fun activity and favor.
As you begin planning your springtime brunch do not forget to keep it simple yet colorful. By creating a beautiful buffet spread of food, utilizing the outdoors as your backdrop and setting a gorgeous table of flowers you will be the “host with the most” in no time.

Of course, with the current situation, your springtime brunch could end up being a summertime brunch - by then we'll all be happy to get outside and spend some time together! In the meantime, try hosting a weekend family brunch via Zoom the way my neighbor did the other day. Everyone fixes their own food (or orders delivery from a local restaurant), sets their own tables, and then just connects online for some good conversation.