Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's the whole sense of entitlement thing that bugs me. I could blame it on being a teenager, but Beth has acted this way since she was little. If she wants to do something, she just does it. She doesn't think she should have to ask for permission. If she wants something, she just takes it. Later I find things missing. When she gets in trouble, she just acts like it's no big deal. She should be able to do anything she wants and have anything she wants, and she should never have to ask for anything. I'm always having to take my cell phone away from her, because she's decided it's some kind of toy, or it belongs to her or something. Today she's got friends in her room and I notice the phone's missing. They've got it in her room, making prank calls or some other nonsense. Excuse me - you're home. Use the house phone! Yes, we have plenty of cell phone minutes, but why waste them when we've also got unlimited calling on our home phone? And, besides that - it's my phone. She shouldn't just take it without asking.

I get tired of feeling like I have to hide everything in my own house.

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