Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yesterday, I spent all day at school selecting artwork for the calendar. We wanted to get out of there by 12:30, but who were were kidding? That's never going to happen. We ended up leaving the school about 4, but we pretty much have the artwork and writing samples paired up, so that's good. After leaving the school, I stopped by the library to return a book and pick up a pile of them. I also got a couple of movies - Happy Feet and Much Ado About Nothing. I love getting movies at the library. It doesn't cost anything, and we get to keep them for a whole week.

Yesterday, Cory spent the day at Noah's Ark with the band. It's a traditional end-of-the-year band thing. Only the kids who practice a certain amount of minutes or who attend a certain number of lessons with the band teacher get to go. Cory got to go last year and again this year, and had a very good time. Both years they have been lucky enough to get a nice day. It seems like kind of a gamble this time of year in Wisconsin, but it has worked out. I guess yesterday it started to rain about the time they were scheduled to leave the park, so that didn't hurt anything. Then it rained on them as they drove home on the bus and was pouring when they got back to school - so, as soon as they stepped off the bus, they got soaked. So much for drying off and changing before leaving the park! Since Beth drives now, we sent her to pick Cory and Erich up, so she's the one who got to drive in the rain. Good thing we know she's driven in all kinds of conditions.

Yesterday, Beth's boyfriend broke up with her. He decided he still likes his last girlfriend. She broke up with her new boyfriend, too - so they can get back together. It's not like they were broken up all that long, maybe longer than they were actually together. I think Beth and this boy were 'official' for a whole two weeks. I think that passes as a serious relationship in teenagerland. But now it's over. Last night, her friend Ryan (the one she went to prom with) called and she talked to him for a long time. Today, he came over for a while. I guess if it's not one boy, it's another.