Sunday, May 20, 2007


Beth went to prom last night with her friend Ryan. She's a sophomore. He's a junior. They looked very nice! We, of course, had to take pictures when he came to pick her up. The hard part was finding a good place to take them.

Beth got up early in the morning to go over to her friend Cristina's so Cristina could do her hair. She came home with it all curled and put up. Very nice. She then had the rest of the day to keep it looking good and not lean on it. Ryan picked her up around 3:30, we took the pictures, and then they went to his house so his mom could take pictures. Then they went to meet the other couple they were going with, and his mom took pictures too. Between all of them, they should have some pictures to remember the evening by. Beth also took a camera with her, but I have yet to see what kind of pictures she took.

They all went out to dinner and then went to prom. The dance was from 7 - 11. Afterwards, Ryan brought Beth home, and they got here around midnight. They were going to go to the after-prom party, but Ryan had to be home right after prom because of his grades. Progress reports just came out last week. It sounded like they had fun, and Beth was pretty tired. She did look pretty, didn't she?