Friday, May 18, 2007

The Shoes Cory Wants

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We were shopping a few weeks ago, and Cory saw some shoes he thought he'd like - green shoes. We were busy shopping for a prom dress for Beth and all the stuff that goes with that, and we were in a rush. We found Beth a dress at the first mall we went to, so we bought it there, but, she wanted to check a store at another mall. We really didn't have a lot of time there, so we didn't have time to look at other stuff. We did have time to quickly check out Steve & Barry's, which is where Cory saw the shoes - just not time enough to try them on and decide for sure these were the ones he wants.

Then today, we saw these shoes on Oprah, so I decided to look them up. There are all kinds of Starbury shoes available, so he's not really sure which ones he wants. Maybe these green ones. Maybe another style or color. I am all for buying him $14.98 shoes - especially since his feet are probably still growing, and these shoes are supposed to be just as good as the $100 shoes other people are selling. No way no how would I ever pay $100 for a pair of shoes. unless, of course, there was no other choice As long as Starbury shoes are available, I won't have to!