Sunday, May 06, 2007

How to Get a Teenager Up before Noon

on a weekend, too!

Cory was up early this morning. He jumped straight into the shower, and emerged a while later dressed and ready to go - wearing his jeans and his Spider-man t-shirt. Yes, the perfect way to get a teenage boy out of bed before noon on a weekend is to have tickets for the new Spider-man movie. It's a big movie month - big movies are coming out, and Spider-man 3 is the first of them. The new Marcus Majestic Theater opened Thursday night just in time for the midnight release of Spider-man 3. It's a good thing it did, too, because otherwise there would have been no UltraScreen to watch the movie on. That would have been a shame! That movie belongs on the UltraScreen - all that action just begs to be HUGE!

The new movie theater offers Reserved Seats - so we tried that. Usually, when we want to see a new movie on the UltraScreen, we have to show up an hour early and wait in line, just to be sure we get good seats. While I think that is part of the experience, it was also nice being able to walk right in and have seats waiting for us - prime seats, too. They were front-row in the balcony area - at the perfect level so we didn't have to look up or down, but had a perfect view of the screen and all the action. The Reserved Seats do cost a little extra, so I'm not so sure that is something we will always do, but it was nice to try. I suppose it will depend on the movie. You know when Pirates comes out, we'll want the best seats possible.

The movie was very enjoyable. It started immediately, with no previews. I really like the way the Spider-man movies bring you up to date on what has already happened in the opening credits. Lots of times when we are going to see a movie sequel, we watch the previous movies first just to reacquaint ourselves with the story, but we didn't do that this time. We just ran out of time. So it was good to have the quick review in the opening of the movie. Spider-man 3 has it all - heroes, villains, action, a love story, friendship, and forgiveness. There is plenty of excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat, and a good story to tie it all together. See it. You'll like it.