Thursday, May 17, 2007

Class Rings

Class Rings
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In the mail today I found out that Cory's class is ordering their class rings next week. Then, when he got home from school, he had a whole packet of information - catalog, price list, all that stuff. When Beth came home with the same stuff last year, we decided not to order her a ring. Her dad said he would buy her one if she really wanted, but she is always sure to let us know how much she hates school, and she's not involved in anything at school. So there really wasn't anything to put on a class ring. Why pay that much for something that she's really not going to appreciate anyway? She thinks she might want a ring or a necklace or some other piece of jewelry instead, but so far she hasn't found the exact right thing.

Cory, on the other hand, likes school and wants a class ring. So he sat down at the computer tonight and designed his ring. It's going to be really nice. If they order next week, they're supposed to be able to save $50 - $20 off at the time and then a $30 rebate - so that's good. Also, by designing his ring online and printing out his order, he's supposed to get a free ring with his graduation year on it. I guess they get those right away.

I never had a class ring. My mom let me wear hers, and it really didn't bother me not to have one, but I'm glad Cory gets one. Jeffrey's grandma paid for his, so he got one. Then one day he gave it to me and said he never wanted it back. So I still have it! It wouldn't fit him now anyway, though I suppose he could get it resized if he wanted to.