Friday, June 22, 2007

She Needs a B Average

Report cards came today. It looks like Beth's driving privileges are at an end. First she wasn't going to get her driver's license unless she got a B average. Her dad told her that at the beginning of 2nd semester last year, when she wanted to take driver's ed. - the classroom portion. She got to take the class. She didn't put much effort into the rest of her classes and had nowhere near the B average. Still, she took the driving portion of the class during the summer. She's a good driver, no problems with that. Still, no license without the grades because, once she gets the license, we have to pay insurance. With the B average, we get the 'good student discount' and save at least 1/3 of the cost. Needless to say, Beth did not get her driver's license on her birthday in September.

She did put more effort into her classes this year in school. Still, no B average. Finally, it was getting close to March when she would need to either get her license or renew her permit if she wanted to keep driving at least with us. She said she was close to the B average. The progress report didn't look too bad, so her dad let her get her license. Come report card time, no B average. All right. That was just the quarter grade, so she was told that she needed to work hard and get those grades up so her semester grade would make it to the B average. Well, she didn't do it. We've given her more than enough leeway in this, and she just isn't getting it. So, driving privileges need to be suspended - except for the times when we need her to drive or to drive to work when she gets a job. She needs that job now - so she can pay for the insurance.