Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snow Day

The kids didn't have school today. Of course they are always happy about that. It did snow off and on most of the day, but didn't really turn out as bad as they were predicting. The weather people around here always seem to expect the worst, but it rarely lives up to their expectations. Of course, the school district had to make a decision as to whether to have school or not early this morning before sending the buses out. our house on a snow day 5 years ago

I went out walking at 6:00 this morning as usual. The snow was not supposed to start until later this morning, but it had obviously been snowing for a while by the time I walked out the door. The flakes were huge, and falling fast and thick. It was actually pretty fun to walk in, but I was coated with snow by the time I got back. If it had continued to snow like that all day, this "snowstorm" really would have amounted to something! By the time I got back from my walk, the television station was running school closings across the bottom of the screen, and there was our school district. Cory was already up, but Beth hadn't dragged herself out of bed yet, so we told her she could stay in bed. You know she has to like that. She's a teenager. Cory said he was going back to bed, but that didn't last long. He was back up pretty soon working on the computer designing his house. They are designing houses in school right now in FACE, so Jeffrey let him install one of his home design software programs on the computer last night. Cory really seems to be enjoying it.

Anyway, they picked a fine day to stay home from school. Jeffrey had some tests scheduled at the doctor this morning and took the rest of the day off. He had a day and a half of vacation time he needed to use by the end of the year. It was supposed to be our day, but we had to share it with kids! Oh well. Jeffrey was gone for a while this morning, and the rest of us stayed home. Once Jeffrey returned we watched a couple of the movies that Cory and I had checked out of the library yesterday. Good timing on that! We watched War of the Worlds and Stealth. They were both pretty good. Not great, but good.

Now of course, the kids will probably have to make up the snow day later in the year. I don't remember doing that when I was in school. I do remember having many more snow days than the kids ever get. It just seemed that there was a certain number of snow days built into the school calendar, and sometimes we needed them all. One winter we missed a whole week of school because of snow. First it snowed and it blowed and all the roads drifted shut. The following day the sun came out, and we spent the day digging out, and the snowplows got the roads plowed. Then that night, the wind picked up and drifted everything over all over again. And so on and so on. That got to be a little much - of course, I was one of those kids who would rather have been in school.