Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Brat Behind the Mirror

Behind the Mirror
Originally uploaded by bcmom.
She was looking so cute with her hair piled on top of her head and all those little braids. So I thought I'd just take a picture or two, but every time I pointed the camera in her direction, she hid behind the mirror. What a brat! Then the next day I found out that she had deleted the picture I liked best. She missed this one and another because there was a picture of her dad between them so I guess she just didn't go backwards on the camera after that. That really irritated me. I'm her mom, and if I want to take her picture, I will! frizzie lizzie I probably would not have uploaded the picture or done anything with it - well, maybe not - but since she went and made such a big deal out of it and deleted the picture off the camera, I uploaded this pic for everyone to see. How about that?

And just because I can, I'm including another picture from a few years ago - this is why she was braiding her hair, so it could be all frizzy the next day.