Friday, June 17, 2011

A Whole Week?

I think I forgot how to blog.  How has it already been a week since I posted anything?  Really?  A week? I keep thinking I should sit down and update.  But then I get busy doing other stuff and just don't do it.

Let's see - where to start?  Last Friday, I guess.  I did post that Jason was a month old.  So hard to believe we've known that little guy for over a month now and amazing how much he's changed in that short time.  He's a precious boy!  Then Friday afternoon we packed up and headed to Michigan for a funeral.  It was nice being able to see some great people - but most of us would rather not have been together if that meant we didn't have to say goodbye to Liz.  Overall, it was a good weekend, spending time together remembering, hugging, loving, supporting, eating, talking, laughing, crying...  It was especially good for the young people to have that time together, and good for us adults too.

It was hard to leave, but we came home Sunday - got home sometime between 9 and 10, and if I'd posted sooner I might remember exactly when.  Cory's friend Travis came home with us to spend the week.  They've been hanging out, getting together with friends, and staying up late - all between Cory's work schedule.  Here's another update I should have made - Cory got a new job working in the Electronics department at Walmart.  He just started last Monday.  He had one day off this week, but the rest of the days he's had to work at least 5 hours.  Travis has managed to keep himself busy, hanging out at the library, working on an old typewriter he got at Goodwill, and who knows what else.

Beth had an appointment with the eye doctor on Tuesday, so she asked me to go with her to help her with Jason.  It was a good thing, because of course, the time he needed something was right when the doctor was looking at her eyes.  Mostly, he was a very good boy.  Beth's eyes checked out perfectly - healthy, perfect vision, etc.  After the eye doctor, we went to Great Clips for a haircut, and he sat in his car seat and just watched his mommy get her hair cut - so cute!

And that was only Tuesday.  The rest of the week?  I'm sure there were some perfectly good reasons excuses for not actually posting anything.  I just can't think of any right now.