Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh, Standards

I have a hard time understanding the standards in today's society.  Some things, apparently, are unacceptable, while others that I think should be unacceptable are tolerated and sometimes even celebrated.

For instance, everyone is all over Paula Deen because she admitted to, at some time, using a word that has been deemed unacceptable and inappropriate.  Oh, how could she? And allowing this word to pass her lips - in what context?  at what time? as a regular thing with the intent to hurt or just at some unknown time in the past? - is enough that we're all supposed to hate her now.  She's fired from the Food Network, may be dropped by QVC, etc. I mean, she's obviously mean-hearted, bigoted, and a racist and never deserves to be in the public eye again.

On the other hand, we're all supposed to care about Kim Kardashian and her affair with Kanye West.  Oh sure, she's gotten some criticism of her maternity wardrobe choices and now there's the name they gave that poor baby girl, but did anyone say anything about the real issues?  What about the fact that she got married, stayed with her husband for all of two seconds (or something like that), and then left him to take up with this Kanye character soon after?  And then get pregnant with his baby, while she was still married.  Nobody's firing her.  Obviously she's a great role model all young girls can look up to and aspire to be just like.  Only, you know, not when it comes to certain wardrobe choices.  Or baby names.

Yeah, those standards make no sense to me.
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