Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Update is Long Overdue

I haven't had much chance to blog recently - or even get online for much more than a quick perusal of Facebook.  What have I been doing?

It involves a bunch of these:

A big one of these:

Some really hard-working people to pack and load and then unload again.  And then we got to start unpacking and organizing and deciding where things go - and how long is this going to take?

You really don't realize how much stuff you have until it's time to move!  Really.  I know there are kitchen counters there somewhere.

I'm gradually getting organized, at least in the kitchen - along with finding clothes to wear and the things we need in the bathroom, all the important things.  I even made bread yesterday in my new kitchen.  Because sourdough starter must be used or fed regularly - though mine is pretty forgiving even when I neglect it for a bit. 

We got a few groceries the other night, and get to eat real food now, even if the only refrigerator we have is in the garage.  We bought a new fridge and even a dishwasher - I've never bought a dishwasher before, never used one either for that matter - but we've had to postpone delivery.  Twice.  Not so handy having the only fridge in the garage, but it's better than nothing, and I'm so thankful we have that.  And definitely thankful not to have to eat any more fast food.  I don't know how Jeffrey stood it for so long.  A few days was long enough for me.  We even had dinner outside on our patio this evening, because the weather has been glorious.  Absolutely wonderful.

We are gradually getting organized, and it's starting to look like a real house.  I might even have time soon to sit down and post that really long, overdue update about everything that has been going on.  Since March.