Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Couple Things I Never Thought I'd Have

We've moved.  You probably guessed that from the post with the picture of the big moving truck, right?  We sold our house in Wisconsin, bought a new house, and moved, not necessarily in that order.  Since then, we've been busy unpacking and organizing and getting settled. 

Along with the new house, we'll have a couple things I never thought I'd have or even really wanted.  One is a dishwasher.  When we built our house in Wisconsin, I didn't want to give up the cabinet space to have a dishwasher put in.   Besides, I had two kids to wash dishes.  That didn't exactly work out, but I really never missed having a dishwasher - partly because I really don't mind washing dishes (drying is another thing), and partly because I'd never had a dishwasher, never used one, and therefore couldn't really miss it.  Well, here we have a dishwasher.  We not only got a dishwasher when we bought the house, but we actually bought a brand-new one and had it installed.  We had to buy a refrigerator so we figured while we were at it we'd buy a new stainless dishwasher to go with the rest of the appliances.  We gave the one that came with the house to Beth.  Along with the washer and dryer.

So now I have a brand-new, shiny stainless steel dishwasher.  And I've actually used it.  Twice.  I'm still not convinced.  I suppose it will come in handy when we have company and have lots of dishes to do, but otherwise it just seems ridiculous that it takes over 2 hours to do the same dishes that take me15-20 minutes to just wash.  And then, the next morning, when I want to be able to put all the clean dishes away, I find that I have to dry several of them - or at least that's what happened last time I ran the dishwasher.  I won't know until tomorrow morning how they turned out this time.  Did I mention that I really really don't like to dry dishes?

The other thing I thought I'd never have?  A king-size bed.  We don't actually have that one yet, but the mattress should be delivered Friday.  I hope I don't lose my husband...