Saturday, September 14, 2013

Save Money on Car Insurance?

You know all those ads you see on television and all the mail you get promising to save you money on your car insurance and just call for a free quote?  Well, we've been calling and asking.  It can't hurt to ask, right?

Except that all these things we've gotten with promises of savings are just plain LIES.  Lies, I tell you.  But still, we have to get new car insurance - not because we didn't like our old insurance; we did.  Just, for some reason, because we've moved we have to get new insurance.  Why?  I don't know.  To keep the insurance people here in business, I guess.  Because nobody would actually buy insurance from them given a choice.

Seriously, we want to insure the exact same cars and the exact same drivers, and even will be driving fewer miles since Jeffrey works only 5 minutes from home instead of 30 minutes like before.  They should be able to save us some money - at least a little just for that.  But no - they want us to pay half again to twice as much for the exact same thing.  And we have no choice in the matter, even though we know it doesn't have to cost that much.  We have to choose the lesser of all the evils and buy from someone here.  Instead of just keeping our old, much more affordable car insurance.  I'm still not exactly sure why...

It just feels like a total ripoff