Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Want My Sunday Ads

When we moved to Anderson, we wanted to subscribe to the Sunday paper - for the ads.  While I know you can access pretty much any store's ad online nowadays, we still like getting them in the paper.  We really don't read the paper, but we like to sit down on a Sunday morning with our coffee and the newspaper ads.

We'd been getting the Milwaukee paper in Wisconsin so we decided to subscribe to the Indianapolis Star instead of the local Anderson paper because we figured the big city newspaper would have more of the ads we wanted to see.  WRONG!  There really weren't very many ads in the paper at all.  Jeffrey even drove to the gas station a Sunday or two just to buy the Anderson paper so we could compare.  Every time, there were more ads in the Anderson paper.  So we canceled our Indy Star subscription before too long and subscribed to the Anderson Herald Bulletin.  It costs a bit more, because you can't get just Sunday but also have to get Friday and Saturday.  Still, definitely more ads.

After canceling the Indy paper, I would periodically get phone calls trying to get me to re-subscribe.  Every time I told them exactly why I'd canceled the subscription - not enough Sunday ads.  Each time I was assured that they had added more ads, or that the holiday season was coming up so there would definitely be more ads.  I was even offered a Sunday only subscription for only $6/month.  My cheap frugal little heart really wanted to grab that one, but I said NO.

But in July I got another call offering me three months for the price of one, and I was again assured that there were more ads in the Sunday paper and several ads in the Thursday paper, which was also included in my subscription.  So I decided to give them another try.  It had been almost a year since I first canceled the subscription so maybe they really had changed.  We also kept our subscription to the Anderson paper, so I kept track of the ads every week in this Sunday newspaper ad comparison.

The results were pretty interesting - The Indianapolis paper usually contained about half the number of total ads compared to the Anderson paper, and there were usually more coupons in my Anderson paper, too.  One week the  Indianapolis Star only had 3 ads.  Three! Talk about ridiculous.  And that Thursday paper they told me had ads only contained a Kroger ad - which I get in the mail either Wednesday or Thursday anyway - and sometimes an ad for a weekend sale at Kohl's.

Needless to say, I have again canceled that subscription, and I have no intention of ever subscribing again. If you live in the Anderson, Indiana area and you like your Sunday ads, avoid the Indy Star.  The 'big city' paper really has nothing on our local paper here in Anderson.

Anybody else look forward to their Sunday morning ads?  And comics!