Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Oh, November!

These past few days have been absolutely glorious.  Sunshine and 70s in November mean only one thing - get outside and enjoy it!

I spent Monday afternoon raking leaves, not that you would know it now because that same part of the yard is again covered in leaves.  But that doesn't really matter.  I got to be outside.  In the sunshine.  In November.  I'll take it.

Bright leaves and brilliant blue skies.  It would have been a shame to stay inside all day.  I filled up both trash toters and two paper leaf bags and set them out by the street to be picked up Tuesday morning.  Of course, then on Tuesday morning I read something on Facebook that said there are scientific reasons for not raking your leaves.  Oh well.  I may keep that in mind, in case the weather isn't so nice next time the leaves need raked...

There are still a few leaves left on the tree, and they'll end up on the ground soon enough.  Along with those that have already fallen.  After I raked on Monday.

I got outside for a bit Tuesday and today, too.  Because I had to.  I told Jeffrey he should play hooky from work this afternoon and we should go for a ride on the motorcycle, but he couldn't.  Unfortunately.  I almost went walking again just to get out, but I ended up working in the garden instead pulling out the old bean plants and the lettuce that went to seed and dried up.  It will be interesting to see how much lettuce comes up in the spring.  There are still a few peppers on the plants and quite a few tomatoes so those plants will stay until the weather changes drastically.  Which it will.  They (the weathermen) keep saying it will.  We can all choose to ignore that, right?

What did you do with this amazing November weather?