Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Decoration Ideas for Your Home

If your walls look a little bare and you need some inspiration for decorating, consider these not-so-typical decoration ideas to add a splash of color to the walls.

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  • Landscape Photography - One great way to add some color to your home is by hanging landscape paintings or photographs. When it comes to landscapes, there are so many different kinds of photographs you can choose. If you prefer wooded scenes, ocean scenes or pictures of sunsets, a nice frame makes that photograph perfect to hang on the wall. If you want something a little different, you could get some alternative energy photography to decorate with. Beautiful wind turbines or images of solar panels reflecting a sunset can brighten a room.
  • Tapestries - Another fun way to decorate your home is with tapestries. You can cover an entire wall or just the corner of the room. Tapestries can be made with a variety of materials and come from many different countries. From patterns to scenery to texture, a tapestry can bring a whole new look to a room.
  • Upgraded Collage - While many people probably grew up making collages in school for projects and reports, why not make a collage as an adult? If you get a solid frame and cut out pieces from books or magazines, you can make a sprawling picture of the things or people you love. If you get a shadowbox, you can make an even more impressive collage of sorts out of pieces of items you no longer use. This home decoration can be like a little piece of modern art homemade by you.
  • Wall Plants - Most people keep plants in their home, but have you thought about hanging plants that grow from wall art or square vases? Put your plant collection on the wall for a bit of unconventional decor.