Friday, August 04, 2006

Busy Day / Busy Week

Today we went separate directions both at the beginning and the end of the day. I realize for plenty of families this is normal, but not so much for us. Jeffrey left a little before 7am, taking Beth and going to pick up her friend Cristina. As they pulled out of the driveway, Cory and I climbed into the van and headed in the other direction.

Cory has been attending Band Camp all week from 10am-5pm -- marching in the hot sun, learning to play the music and learning the drills. Because they worked so hard for the first 4 days of the week, the hottest weather we've had all summer, by the way, they got to go to Noah's Ark and play all day today. Cory had to be in the band room by 7:15, and the bus was leaving at 7:30. I went with them last year as a chaperone, but didn't volunteer this year. They're a great group of kids and don't need all that much chaperoning anyway. Basically, the band director, 'W', lets them loose in the park with a few rules like - stay together with at least one other person - meet back here at such and such a time for lunch - and we're leaving at such and such a time, be here! Then they scatter and enjoy the day.

Beth started work at the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday. She's working in the Golden Guernsey booth selling t-shirts and "Grip It, Sip Its." This is her first 'real' job - yes, it's only 6 days of work, but she had to get a job permit and fill out paperwork with Kelly Services and everything. Her best friend Cristina is working, too. So Jeffrey is taking them to work with him on the days they work and then running them down to the fairgrounds when it is time for work. It must be tough - being teenagers and all, and they have to get up before noon. So far Beth has worked 2 days, and it sounds like she's doing a good job and keeping busy. The girls have had a little time to explore the fairground, too.

I had to house all to myself yesterday and today. Of course, there is always plenty to do around here - cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, cooking - does it ever stop? Then, about the time Jeffrey and the girls got back to Eagle, I had to run over to the school in Palmyra to pick Cory up. The band was supposed to arrive back at the school at 6pm - but of course they were late. It wasn't too bad waiting, though. I rolled the windows on the van down, and the breeze was really nice - and I took my book and had plenty of time to read. The bus finally rolled in at 6:43, and excited but exhausted kids all piled off. It sounds like they had a wonderful time - Cory hung out with 3 girls all day and got just a little sunburned.

I still had to actually cook dinner when we finally got home - chicken stir fry - which Beth did not eat because she doesn't eat chicken anymore. I told her some story about the chickens flopping around with their heads cut off, and she decided that she wasn't going to eat chicken anymore. Of course she forgot when I bought her chicken nuggets for lunches - Silly girl! But the rest of us enjoyed the stir fry. I wonder if there's a video out there somewhere of chickens flopping around with their heads cut off? I'll have to look.

Cream Puffs @ the FairNext week it starts all over again - except Band Camp is only 10am-2pm every day, and Friday is a pizza party at the school. Beth works 3 days during the week and then next Sunday. So we're going to go to the fair on Sunday, too. We always enjoy that - cream puffs and horse pulls! (and don't forget - all that whipped cream comes from Golden Guernsey Dairy)