Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Milk for $1.00

Milk for $1.00
Milk for $1.00
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Beth worked at the Wisconsin State Fair this year, selling milk and t-shirts in the Golden Guernsey booth. She had to work the last day of the fair (Sunday, 8/13/06) - so we all went and spent the entire day at the fair. That girl in the Golden Guernsey booth just wouldn't look at the camera!

She got her check in the mail and wanted to spend it all on new clothes for school. So we went shopping on Sunday. It's amazing how quickly the money goes when you want to shop at the mall! We did go to Goodwill first, and she spent about $20 on some tops and some really nice boots. Mostly she thinks it's not cool to shop at Goodwill anymore. I think it's the greatest store in the world! We all ended up getting a few new things - shirts for Jeffrey, shorts and shirts for Cory, and some tops for me. After Goodwill we headed to the mall. It just hurts me to see how much things cost there! But Beth bought several things. It was her money so she was pretty careful about what she bought and didn't buy anything that she didn't really love. The biggest expense was the bras at Victoria's Secret.

We both got measured to see what bra size we were supposed to be wearing and then tried on lots and lots of bras in that size. She found a couple that she really, really liked so she bought those. I didn't find any that fit me right - even though I was trying on the size I should be wearing according to measurements. Oh well, not like I was willing to spend that much on a bra, anyway. It is kind of irritating that certain sizes can't be found anywhere besides Victoria's Secret! It's like all the regular stores assume that if you have a big cup size you have to be big around. What about if you are a normal size and just need a bigger cup size? I did find some bras in my size at Walmart recently - so I bought some for now and some for later. I should be set for a while now. I guess Beth is too.

Now that she's spent most of her paycheck, she will have to slow down. We started giving her money every month to take care of her own expenses. I averaged costs for her clothes and toiletries for the past 3 years to figure out how much she should get a month. Of course, that average was for shopping at Goodwill and Walmart so she may have some problems if she wants to continue shopping at the mall. This should be good for her. She really needs to have some kind of understanding about what things cost, etc. Maybe then she'll be more likely to wear the stuff she buys - or won't buy stuff just for the sake of getting something. She has done that too many times in the past. When we're at the store, she really likes it and just has to have it - then she never wears it!

I think being responsible for her own expenses ought to help. She's got to learn sometime!