Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Here's a tidbit for you - last week there was no Tuesday!  OK, there actually was a Tuesday in the week, but I missed it, or ran out of time and didn't post.  I'll have to go back now and count how many weeks I actually did the Tuesday Tidbits thing without skipping.  Any guesses?

I don't really have a lot to talk about today either - or more like there are plenty of things to talk about, but they fly out of my head when I sit down at the computer.  There are too many other things calling to me, like that kitchen full of dishes!  How do we always end up with so many dishes?  And, no I don't have a dishwasher or really want one.  I don't even really understand what you're supposed to do with one.  Besides, I don't want to give up any of my cabinet space in order to have one.  Maybe someday when I have a much bigger kitchen?

Our little grandson is 5 months old now.  The time really flies.  It seems that only the other day he was a tiny new baby.  Here's a picture his mommy just posted to facebook.  He's trying to become a big boy!  He can roll over now - from his back to his tummy and back again.  Pretty soon he'll figure out how to go places by rolling over and over.  And it won't be long 'til he learns to crawl.  It really is amazing how much these little people grow and how much they learn in such a short time.  And, of course, he's the cutest, sweetest little thing!  At least we think so.  He's a happy easy-to-get-along-with guy.

I picked a few tomatoes and hot peppers from the garden today.  I think it's mostly finished.  I covered the plants up a couple evenings - a few weeks ago when they said there was a possibility of frost - to extend the life of the plants a bit, but I think they got frosted somewhere along the line when I wasn't expecting it.  At least they got touches of frost - kinda killing the tomatoes and some of the peppers.  I still got quite a bit of stuff from the garden this summer.  That's another thing that always amazes me - how you can plant a little bitty seed in the ground and end up with FOOD!

Did you see what I did with my jalapenos?  These Jalapeno Poppers are so good.  Once I made them and froze them, I was hoping to get more jalapenos from the garden so I could make more, but I didn't really get enough to bother.  Next year I might just have to plant more.

Besides those dishes that are still calling my name, I have a ton of other things I have to get done, so that's it for now.  Hopefully I can catch hold of Tuesday next week and not let it pass me by.  These weeks are just so fast and slippery any more - they get away so quickly!

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  1. Your little grandson is adorable!

    Mines not too long away now, December.. exciting isn't it!


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