Friday, October 07, 2011

Breathe Happy with Febreze

I'm sure you've seen the Febreze commercials where they blindfold people and take them to some really nasty places to see what they smell.  A while back Febreze sent me a blindfold and a bottle of their Linen &Sky Fabric Refresher so I could conduct my own experiment.  Unfortunately I haven't been creative enough to come up with one, so I'll just post this video by Febreze.

I think these commercials are a bit extreme.  I mean, nobody's going to spray Febreze to make some really nasty place 'nice' - as long as you don't look at it!  Well, maybe I could use it in Beth's car...   Or if there's not time to clean and people are coming over, I could spray Febreze and make them wear blindfolds while they're here!

Seriously, for everyday odors - real-life stuff - Febreze is great.  Smells have always bothered me.  Perfumes, sprays and scents meant to cover up the 'bad' odors, etc.  So I'm very leery of using any kinds of air fresheners or refreshers.  I'm not sure how Febreze does it or what they do differently, but their products do not bother me.  They have some really nice scents and some good products for different needs.  I never would have known if they hadn't sent me some of their products and said, "Try this!"  I just would not have bought them.   I still don't use them all the time, but I like knowing I have something when I need it, and that it's not going to bother me.  I like the scented oil warmers in the bathroom where the litter box is, and I sent the Febreze Sport to college with Cory last year for use in his dorm room.  Sounds like that one really came in handy, because his room-mate had some nasty-smelling shoes!

Here are some great Febreze coupons and offers.  There's a money back guarantee on the Fabric Refresher, and you can grab $10 worth of coupons or find out how to get a Febreze Noticeables oil warmer for free.