Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making my own jewelry organizer

Guest post written by Greta Holloway
I really like to make a lot of the things in my home. It's just way more fun to do that and then I want to hold onto the stuff for that much longer because I put some of my own time into it. I guess that also keeps me from being a lot less wasteful, which is good for the environment.

I really do love the look of finding something really unique to use for something else that you would never even think about using. I was thinking i needed to do something like that to display and organize my jewelry, because I can't remember what I have if I can't see them. As I was looking for some jewelry display ideas online I found some stuff on the site http://debtcounseling.bankrupt.com/ that might just come in handy. I could really use some debt counseling and some other help like that, so I was grateful to find it.

I saw the idea to make a DIY jewelry organizer out of a cheese grater, which I would have never even considered before. It's so funny some of the things that people come up with! But it was so crazy that it was a great idea and I'm trying it out for myself.