Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Husband, My Hero

Last LoadI had a meeting at the library yesterday, but before I left I threw a rug into the washer to rinse.  (The rest of my laundry was all washed and the last load in the dryer.)  When I came home 2-1/2 hours later, the washer was showing an error code.  I didn't really pay much attention to the code, just figured it was telling me the load was unbalanced, because I get that periodically when I'm just rinsing or washing one rug (blame Tillie).  So I tried adjusting the rug and starting it again, only to check a few minutes later to find the error code again.  This time I read it - different error code - the LE error code.

I looked it up in the manual, and this code said something about the motor, and the solution was to turn off the water and unplug the machine - and call customer service.  Yup, I'm thinking something is really really wrong with my washing machine.  So I told Jeffrey I needed him to look at it -  and he did and called customer service - and couldn't get it working.  At which point they told him to leave it unplugged for half an hour and then plug it in and try again. 

So he did.  And when he plugged it back in, it worked!

I threw a couple towels in with the rug after that so the load was more balanced, and it worked fine.  Then today I washed towels.  I was going to blame Beth for moving in and bringing tons of laundry, but apparently the motor just overheated and needed to rest.  I don't know why it didn't stop like normal when there's an unbalanced load, but it just tried too hard - and I wasn't home to notice.

Scary for a little bit, though.  I kept thinking, "What am I going to do without my washing machine?"  Thankfully I had my wonderful husband to get it going again.