Thursday, May 03, 2012


I updated my template slightly.  Did anybody notice?  Actually I just changed the background to make it look more 'springy' - but I had to mess around a bit to get it to work properly.  For some reason the footer hadn't been showing up for ages.  The text was there, but the background wouldn't show - even though from everything I could tell it should have been showing up.  I know, you probably didn't notice because you never scrolled all the way to the bottom, right?

So, to get it fixed, I had to change the template completely.  It's easy with Blogger's Template Designer - except for any extra tweaks, coding and such.  Why does changing the template take all that out, anyway?  But, I had to change to a completely different template and then change it back to the one I've been using - and then change the background image.  It's nice that Blogger updates font colors and such when you change the background, so everything looks good without too much trouble.

Then I added back the extra styling and scripts I wanted to keep - I saved all the html to a text file before I started messing with it - always a good idea, along with backing up the whole template so it can easily be restored if necessary - so I could just copy and paste the ones I wanted to keep.

Now I just need to update the pictures in my header...


  1. Actually, i did notice when i checked it earlier! Don mentioned a video of Jason walking and i had to check it out!


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