Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wanna Play?

When our kids were little, they had a swingset - a basic one with a slide, a couple swings, and a glider.  That was good enough.  Or so we thought until the neighborhood kids starting getting fancy wooden playsets!  Thankfully we don't have many fences in our neighborhood and all the kids played together well and shared their yards and playsets, because we did not upgrade that basic swingset.  And when they got older and stopped playing on it at all, we gave it away.

Now, though, we've got a year old (tomorrow!) grandson living here, at least for a while, and he's going to need something to swing and play on, right?  I don't know if or what we'll do about that, but I've been checking out these playsets in hickory, and they really do have some fancy ones - fancier than any of the neighbors had.  There are basic wooden swingsets, yes - but also watchtower playsets, wooden castle playsets, pirate ship playsets, and even a Noah's ark playset!  I wonder if that one comes with animals?  I mean, wow! - a kid could certainly have a lot of fun on one of these.  Hey, I might even want to play on that one!

It does look like it could be a bit complicated to put together, though.  If we lived in North or South Carolina I'd be tempted to call Carolina Playsets.  They offer factory direct pricing on American made products and professional installation to insure the best, safest playsets at the best prices.  Safety is their number 1 priority, and all their products are structurally sound with full manufacturer's warranties - giving years of safe and fun playtime.  I don't have any idea how much one of these awesome playsets would cost to set up in the back yard, but it would be fun to find out.  I can at least dream about it, right?  And if you're in North or South Carolina - call them; they'll be happy to give you a free yard evaluation and price quote.  Your kids (or grandkids) will thank you.