Friday, July 20, 2012

Going to See Some Shakespeare

and our son!

We haven't seen much of him this summer.  Why?  Because he's 4 hours away having the time of his life.  As you know, he's a theatre major.  This summer he's had the amazing opportunity to be an intern with a theatre company in Door County - Door Shakespeare.  He's one of the lords in As You Like It as well as understudy for a couple other parts.  And he's an understudy for the other show, The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)

Besides rehearsals and performances, they've got workshops and readings going on, and it sounds like he and the other interns, who happen to be his friends from school, are learning a lot and gaining tons of experience this summer.  As well as having a ton of fun.  Thankfully he's got a day off, so we're going to go and spend some time with him.  I think he misses us a bit!  And, of course, we miss him, too.  

So we'll get to spend some time with Cory, and we'll get to see As You Like It, which should be really good.  I would love to see the other show too, but we won't be able to; they're not performing it when we're going to be there.  And, we will finally make it to Door County.  15 years in Wisconsin, and everyone always talks about how nice Door County is - and we've never been.  Now we have a reason.