Sunday, July 15, 2012

No More Teenagers

It's hard to believe, but as of this moment, I am no longer the mom of any teenagers.  My precious darling son - my youngest, my 'baby' - is 20 years old!


It just doesn't seem possible.  How does the time go so fast?  Here's what you need to learn from this - if you have little people in your life, enjoy every single minute with them!  Take the time to sit down and snuggle and read books and play.  Listen to their silly stories and the dreams they have.  Laugh with them.  Enjoy them.  Because, next thing you know, they'll be all grown up.

And then?  Well, I guess continue to enjoy them, while celebrating the fact that they're all grown up and should be able to take care of themselves.  Though it's nice when they still need you.  And miss you.

And now for some cuteness:

He was awful cute, wasn't he? 
(I don't have the baby Cory pictures scanned in, so this is from when he was about 2)
Happy Birthday, sweet son!  I love you very much!