Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Write Poetry?

I used to toy with writing poetry, or at least what I called poetry.  I'm not sure what really qualifies as poetry - though I'm sure I learned that in high school.  I do remember reading poems in class and being incredibly frustrated by questions like, "What is the author trying to say here?" because I always figured if the author wanted us to know what he was trying to say, then he should just come right out and say it.  I guess that might take all the fun out of it?

I don't think anything I wrote was ever all that good, but I did submit a couple to some poetry contests. Though I never won anything, they did tell me they were going to include my poems in a book of poetry they put together from all the submissions.  I choose to believe that they didn't include every submission, and that my poems were at least good enough to be printed.

If you write poetry, be sure to check out the free contest from World Poetry Movement.  Poems can be on any subject, in any style - and you could win $1000.  Winning poems will also be considered for publication.

I wonder if I should try writing poetry again?  Except that I read the last couple winning poems, and I still don't really get it - what were those authors trying to say, anyway?