Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hazing Can Be Very Harmful

Hazing is a nationwide issue that has received a vast amount of publicity within the last few years. This controversial issue is common among many sports teams and college bodies, and it is not something that should be overlooked.

Hazing is harmful in so many ways. It can long-term mental health problems, and it can even be deadly in some cases.  Recently, colleges have been cracking down on the epidemic. Hazing is not just among students, it's even recognized as an issue among adults.

Some people don't even know they're being hazed. If you know someone or are involved in any of these situations, stand up to the hazers and report it to a higher authority. Hazing is illegal and if you or anyone involved in it can face a serious punishment. College students have been expelled and in some cases they have been arrested for the acts they were involved in.

Here's examples of very serious hazing methods everyone should be aware of:

Physical Abuse

This is most common among sororities and fraternities. Although, it is common among sports teams as well. Scenarios in Greek life include being paddled or punched and kicked while the new members are helpless. In sports it can involve rookie athletes being put up against much older and stronger athletes. For instance in the sport of football, a rookie may have to take a few hits from bigger teammates. These events can physically injure someone and in some cases result in death.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can cause anyone long-term distress. Another common practice in sororities is insulting the new members by picking out their physical flaws. Other initiation methods include getting naked or being forced to dress up in degrading clothing. This is grounds for bullying and harassment. In any moment you notice someone getting harassed in the workplace, outside the classroom, or on a sports team, you should immediately report it.

Extra Work

No matter who you are, you should never be forced to do someone's work, unless a higher authority assigns it. It can be a task as small as gathering all the equipment after practice because you are the rookie. Or it can be doing all the chores in the Greek house, and doing everyone's homework. Again, these can cause unnecessary stress and put you behind with your own workload. Stand up for yourself in the event your feel you are being hazed.

Maggie Lawrence lived away from home during her undergrad education. While she never faced hazing issues, her college consistently cracked down on the epidemic. Currently she is researching a new educational experience by taking online classes. One of the programs she has researched is the Pepperdine MBA Online Program.