Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dreaming of a New Kitchen

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We've been looking at houses again.  If you're confused because you thought we'd sold our house and already bought another one, that's another story.  Which I haven't posted here, but I should.  Soon.

Anyway, we've been looking at houses online, and there are several that could be quite nice for us.  Most of them will need a bit of work - from simple repainting, to completely ripping out the carpeting and installing new flooring.  Quite a few of the bathrooms and kitchens need some updating, too.

We're thinking that if we can get a decent deal on a house, we can afford to get some work done and fix it up the way we want it.  It would be kind of fun to be able to call someone in the area like this kitchen remodeling contractor minneapolis and see what kind of amazing kitchen I could have.

They say that the first step in any kitchen remodel, or any remodel for that matter, is to gather ideas, and I am definitely going to need to do that.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so the kitchen is very important to me, but besides wanting plenty of cabinet space and counter space to work on, I have no clear idea about what I want in a kitchen. I'm more about function than about actual design.  I can look at the pictures of the houses and know if I like a kitchen or don't, but I'd have no idea what it would actually take to turn it into my dream kitchen.  I probably should start gathering some ideas on Pinterest.

I also hope there's something in our area like the Inspiration Design Center in Minneapolis.  Everything for the new kitchen is right there, and the showroom is designed to inspire plenty of ideas.  And then - they have 3D design capabilities, which means a new kitchen design isn't just lines on paper.  You get to see what your new kitchen will actually look like.  Jeffrey is always designing houses on paper or on his computer, but I have a hard time envisioning what it's actually going to look like just by looking at the drawings.  This would be much better.
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