Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now For Some Cuteness

Jason came over last week, and the weather was so nice we just had to get outside.  We went out into the back yard to run around a bit after dinner.  The neighbors were running a sprinkler where they've planted some new grass, and Jason really wanted to check that out.  It wasn't quite that warm, and he couldn't be running around on their baby grass anyway, so I headed him toward the swingset.  We don't have one in our yard, but both the neighbors have one.

I thought he might like to swing a bit, or go down the slide.  But first he tried climbing up the slide, which didn't work too well, so I showed him the ladder, which he climbed with a bit of help and went down the slide.  Once.  After that he went straight for the sand.  Typical boy, I guess. 

Sand in the hair.  Sand in the sandals.  Sand on the clothes. Once I finally got him out of the sand and into the house, it was definitely bath time.