Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Complete Set

We finally have our complete new bedroom set.

We got it in stages.  First a new mattress - because we decided to get a king-size bed and couldn't use our old mattress, a queen-size.  We looked at and tried a lot of mattresses and finally decided on a latex mattress, which is very comfortable.  We really were thinking we'd go with a traditional mattress with springs and maybe a pillow top like we had before, and we wanted nothing to do with any kind of memory foam.  We still don't like memory foam; we laid on a couple of them just to double-check.  This latex mattress, though, is completely different and amazingly comfortable, and is supposed to last 25 years.  Or so. 

We got the mattress delivered on a Friday and then the bedroom furniture came the following Monday.  We thought it was going to take longer to get the furniture since they told us it could be 6 to 8 weeks when we ordered it, but we needed to get the mattress because we had guests (family) coming and needed places for them to sleep.  So we got the new king-size mattress, moved our old queen-size bed into a guest room, and bought a new full-size mattress for the other guest room.  We wouldn't have needed any new mattresses - or bedroom furniture - except that we let the kids have the full-size beds and dressers from their rooms in our old house.  So we just had our bedroom set - which we got years ago from Jeffrey's dad when he moved in with his dad - and a twin bed.  Oh, and a futon and an air mattress, so I guess we weren't completely unable to have guests.  But it's still nicer to have actual beds.

So, we decided that if we were going to buy new beds and/or furniture, we should buy the new stuff for us and not just to furnish a guest room.  Makes sense, right?  And then we started looking for a bedroom set that we liked.   Do you know how hard that is?  Because we had bedroom furniture and we had no need for new furniture, we'd never even looked to see what we would like.  And there are so many different styles to choose from, and sometimes a really nice set will have something wrong with it.  The bed will be gorgeous, but the dresser not so great, or the other way around.  It's really hard for these furniture designers to put together a complete package, and of course mixing and matching wouldn't work because of differing styles and woods and finishes.

We finally found a set that we liked.  And had it delivered.  Except that my dresser wouldn't go up the stairs.  The movers had gotten the old dresser upstairs, so we hadn't really thought about it, but this one just wasn't going.  It ended up getting damaged in the attempt, so they had to take it back and order a new one.  In the meantime, Jeffrey removed the stair railing so they would be able to get that one up the stairs.  We weren't attached to that railing anyway.  Now we get to choose a new one, and hopefully it can be installed so that it can be removed semi-easily should we ever need to move furniture up or down the stairs in the future.  I'm thinking not - but you never know.

We had the bed, chest of drawers, and two night stands, and an empty wall where the dresser was to go.  We finally got the new dresser last week, completing our new bedroom set. We're really liking it.  And I could finally move my clothes back into our room.  That's nice.

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