Tuesday, October 08, 2013

My Son is a Vampire

And not some sparkly, cheap imitation of a vampire.  He's playing the real thing - Dracula.

UW-Whitewater students Cory Jefferson Hagen and Samantha Zaddack play Count Dracula and Mina Seward in the Theatre/Dance Department production of Dracula, a tale of romance and horror. The play, which is directed by Angela Iannone, opened last night and plays through Oct. 13 in Hicklin Studio Theatre.

Judging from the promotional pics and comments, this is a beautiful show, things are going brilliantly, he's making high school girls swoon, etc.

Thankfully we have tickets, because the entire run is sold out, and I cannot wait to see it! Though, of course, I will have to wait - until Saturday night.

In the meantime, I know Cory is going to be having a blast doing this show.  He loves acting, and he puts his whole self into being the best that he can be.  He amazes me with his awesome talent.  And, he's pretty.