Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: Harry Connick Jr. - That Would Be Me

I have enjoyed Harry Connick Jr's music for quite a while now, so I was very excited to see that he has a new CD coming out - tomorrow! October 23, 2015.  I was even more excited when I was given the chance to listen to it early through One2One Network.

On That Would Be Me, Connick threw himself out of his comfort zone and into the studio with two ‘external’ producers, Eg White (Sam Smith, Adele, Florence And The Machine) and Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink, Weezer, Fall Out Boy). The album was recorded in London with White and Nashville with Walker, and the result is a carefully crafted record full of surprises and stirring musical conjurations, delivering 11 new songs and new insights into his artistry.

So far I've listened to That Would Be Me twice, and loved everything about it.  That Would Be Me is a very upbeat and fun album, and I had a hard time sitting still through it.  If I hadn't been on my computer listening...  Body parts were definitely moving.  Currently my favorite songs, if I had to pick some, are (I Think I) Love You A Little Bit and "the sultry/funky damn-near-‘70’s sounding" Songwriter. I'm also liking Right Where It Hurts.

Here are a couple snippets of the lyrics I really liked:
you put your smile right where my self control was s'pposed to be
the last thing I expected
you caught me by surprise
everything was fine until I looked into your eyes

I've been burned before but you sure got my fire lit
I think I love you a little bit

That Would Be Me is available everywhere October 23, 2015.  You can grab your copy on iTunes or Amazon.  You'll want to be listening to this one.  For more information, be sure and visit the Official Harry Connick Jr. website and his facebook page.

Track Listing:
  1. (I Like It When You) Smile
  2. (I Do) Like We Do
  3. Tryin' To Matter
  4. Songwriter
  5. Do You Really Need Her
  6. You Don t Need A Man
  7. You Have No Idea
  8. Where Prisoners Drown
  9. (I Think I) Love You A Little Bit
  10. Every Time I Fall In Love
  11. Right Where It Hurts

I participated in the That Would Be Me album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own. #ThatWouldBeMe #O2O