Tuesday, August 01, 2017

It Takes a Bit Longer

Our grandson Jason is visiting this week. He's 6 and about to go into the first grade. I'm not sure who told him he could grow up so fast, but he's certainly doing it.

Ready to go, sporting his new Spiderman
water squirter (from the cereal box)
I usually get up every morning after Jeffrey leaves for work and go walk 2 or 3 miles. With a 6-year-old here, I can't exactly do that, so I made him promise to go walking with me. Of course, that means I have to wait until he gets up in the mornings, so we're not leaving until quite a bit later than normal. (I should probably start getting him up earlier so he can start getting ready for his really early mornings once school starts, but he does have all month...) And then it takes quite a bit longer than usual to walk those 2 miles. His little legs are a bit shorter than mine, and he's always stopping to pick things up or look at flowers or trees or bugs. It's a boy thing, I guess.

Getting hot

Yesterday we walked a mile - and then we went to the playground and played for a bit afterward. Jason wants to be an American Ninja Warrior when he grows up, and those playgrounds offer all kinds of 'obstacles' for training.

On the home stretch

Then today Jason was determined to walk 2 miles, and a Ninja Warrior should be able to walk 2 miles, so I took him on my regular route. He made it! Never mind that it took an hour to do it...

And we made it!