Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Several years ago Jeffrey and Cory built a deck and pergola on the back of our house. We loved that deck. When we built the house, we just had the contractor put some rock in the patio area, waiting for a time when we could afford a nice patio or deck. We didn't get that deck quite as soon as we thought we were going to get it - in fact, we were planning a paver patio that would have been really nice, and it would have been different from what any of the neighbors had. But, the patio would have taken a lot more work, and we may have needed to hire someone, at least for part of the installation. So, eventually we 'settled' for the deck - which just happened to be the nicest deck in the neighborhood! (I may be a bit biased)

Morning on the Deck

A new deck or patio will not only add value to your home, but it will be something your family can enjoy for a good part of the year. Snow may gather on your patio furniture in winter, but the rest of the year your family can make good use of that new patio. Morning coffee, a family dinner, or just a place to sit and read a book or talk to a friend. Your new deck or patio gives you a place to get out of the house and enjoy your backyard. That area of rock we had before the guys built the deck really didn't get much use, but we ate dinner on the deck regularly once we had it. It was just so pleasant.

Boards & Shadows

One of the best parts of the deck was the pergola. It not only gave shade to the deck and made it a pleasant place to hang out, but it also helped to block the afternoon/evening sun and keep the house cooler. We hung some bamboo shades on the two sides by the patio furniture, and those could be lowered to give even more protection from the sun. Besides that, they looked nice.

Whether you need to hire a company that has an established reputation of installing patio covers Salt Lake City, or you can install your own pergola or patio cover, you will definitely want some kind of shade on your deck or patio. Otherwise, there may be times when the sun is so strong and hot that you are forced back into your house and unable to enjoy your deck. (Unless you're like me and really enjoy hanging out in the sun and heat, but I hear I'm not normal in that aspect.) The pergola didn't really protect from rain, but if you live in a rainy area, you may want to think about installing an awning or other patio cover that will keep most of the rain off.

Because, believe me - you will want to spend as much time as you can on your new deck or patio. Who agrees with me?