Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Olympics, Olympics, Olympics

I don't watch sports. At least, I don't usually watch sports. But every time the Olympics roll around, I just can't stop watching. I love them!

I find myself just as interested in curling as watching Shaun White's gold medal run in snowboard halfpipe. I squealed when he threw that board, and I still do every time I watch the video - which I've done a few times. (I've watched Chloe Kim a few times too - that girl can fly!) But seriously, that run! That man can still fly! His 3rd Olympic gold medal and the 100th gold medal for the U.S. in winter Olympics. How cool is that? Redemption and a milestone.

Go, Mikaela!
I pretty much leave the Olympics on all day. I watch skiers fly in the ski jump competition, watch the craziness of short track speed skating, watch some hockey (how did our U.S. men lose that game to Slovenia, anyway?), and then I check out the downhill skiing. And then I go back to curling. There's just something about that game - I just can't stop watching. Oh, and I think the weirdest sport I've seen so far in these Olympics is the luge doubles - seriously, who decided to stack 2 humans on a little sled and send them down a curving, icy track? And is there a limit to how many people you can stack on that little sled? I do think that ride down the track looks like a lot of fun. If you can keep from bouncing off the walls and crashing, which seems to be a serious risk. Oh, and then there are the guys who go head-first down that same track on another little sled...

The biggest problem with all this Olympics coverage is that it goes so late. How am I supposed to get any sleep?