Friday, July 13, 2018

Getting Care At Home

Judy (me) and MotherIf you've been on the fence about whether to use a caregiver in the home or to take your loved one to a nursing facility, here are a few good reasons to consider. In-home caregiver agencies can be very beneficial to the client.
  • There isn't any place like home for recovery after surgery, after an illness, or during your loved one's last years of life. An in-home caregiver makes it possible for clients to remain in familiar and comfortable surroundings instead of being in an environment where they don't know anyone.
  • The caregiver can keep the family together. Sometimes, family members might not be able to go to a nursing facility to visit a family member, but it's much easier to make visits to the person's home. There are sometimes restrictions as to who can visit residents in a nursing facility if there are illnesses, which you won't need to abide by if your family member remains at home. Clients can maintain the independence that they have when they stay in their home. They can watch television, take a shower or bath, and take part in the other daily activities that they are accustomed to but with the assistance of a caregiver who can ensure that the person is safe in the home.
  • Staying at home promotes faster healing than being in a nursing facility where you are unsure of your surroundings and might not receive the proper medical attention that you need at all times. Although it does cost money to hire a caregiver, it's not as expensive as using the services offered by a nursing facility, and your family member can keep any government assistance or social security payments instead of turning them over to the facility. Staying at home with a caregiver is often safer as the person knows where everything is located and will have the assistance of someone throughout the day to help with walking and other activities.