Friday, July 26, 2019

3 Steps to Achieving a Minimalist Bathroom

Your bathroom sees constant foot traffic. Juggling a full-time job, kids, pets, and a laundry list of to-dos (of which, "laundry" is one) can see you whooshing from bed to bath and out the door. However, a bathroom should be a place where you can pause and enjoy a bit of relaxation. Going for a minimalist bathroom (if going minimalist everywhere else seems insurmountable) can help lend order and organization to an otherwise hectic day.

Apartment in AndorraHere are 3 steps to achieving a minimalist bathroom:
  1. Go Linear - Clean lines are refreshing to the eye in the midst of chaos. Most likely, your bathroom already came with these: countertop, cabinetry, the tile work lining your floors and shower walls. However, you can add or subtract lines to make for a more visually appealing space. Consider frameless shower doors West Palm Beach for your next home improvement project; unfettering your shower doors can lend a floating glass effect and because your eye can travel across the panes completely unimpeded, can make the barrier appear invisible and your bathroom seem larger.
  2. Clear the CountersClutter can cause road bumps in your daily life. Allow yourself to be greeted by a sleek bathroom vanity by turning your personal care products into stowaways. By keeping only the essentials in the open (toothbrushes, hand soap, etc.), you have a blank workspace that is both inviting and easy to wipe down and clean. Invest in organizers or re-purpose containers for "his and her" baskets and bath time caddies for the kids; keep these stashed below deck and you can bask in a tidy, functional bathroom during every visit.
  3. Re-Think Light - Lighting is worth re-tooling because of its impact on the overall ambiance. Consider whether traditional wall sconces and vanity bulbs could be replaced by overhead recessed lighting or an interesting globe chandelier. Decide what would be most flattering or soothing and watch the language of your bathroom change.

Design your bathroom to be a reprieve in your day. Using these ideas, you can achieve a space that will feel like a breath of fresh air.