Thursday, March 19, 2020

Be Sure to Try These Foods Next Time You're in Texas

Texans are a proud bunch and will tell you that everything is better in Texas. It is well-known that they are passionate about their food, most notably their barbecue. Modern Texan food culture, however, is comprised of so much more than just slow-cooked meat slathered in a tasty tangy sauce. Texans don’t do things halfway; they go full throttle and put the time, effort, and love into whatever they make until it is perfect. This especially applies to their food.

SteakHere are a few examples of Texas cuisine you’re sure to fall in love with the next time you visit the Lone Star State.
  • The Perfect Steak - Texas is cattle country so, of course, they are really into great steaks.  When you think of a Texas steakhouse, you may be thinking of some dusty old roadhouse, the kind of run-down place where you might find great barbecue. And while that definitely has its place, a nice family restaurant Grapevine TX is where you'll find that good ribeye, filet, or  massive porterhouse you're looking for. A great steakhouse meal is sure to be one of your trip highlights.
  • The Perfect Burger - Once again, it’s Texas, and they do love their meat. In fact, they claim to have invented the burger and to have perfected it. It all starts with lean ground beef, a high-quality bun, either cheddar or American cheese and your choice of toppings. The official Texas-style burger has red onion, pickles, lettuce, and tomato, with mustard on one bun and mayo on the other. (Yes! All burgers need mustard!) Some would argue to include green chilis as well, but either way, you’ll be trying to make it at home. 
  • The Perfect Chili - Texans are very particular about their chili, and fights have ensued over the inclusion of beans in the recipe. Purists insist that Texas chili excludes beans, also known as a “bowl of red,” and that chili with beans is a Tex-Mex bowl of horrors. Try each and decide for yourself, they are both delicious.
Whether it’s a steak, a burger, or a bowl of chili, you’ll have plenty of fantastic options to choose from on your next visit to Texas.