Thursday, March 26, 2020

New Activities to Try This Summer

Judging by all the posts I'm seeing on social media, people are going to be overjoyed when summer rolls around and they can get out and try something new. Honestly, they just want to get back to normal life, but here are a few new activities to try out this summer. These all sound like a lot of fun.
  • Equestrian - Equestrian combines the natural wonders of outdoor horseback riding with the thrill of competition. Learning to ride a horse is one thing, but then learning to navigate it around an obstacle course is another aspect of the fun challenge of equestrian. The one easy part of this activity? It's easy to find a place to learn it this summer, such as the equestrian center Chester County. The summer will provide the time you need to get this activity down and make some big strides in equestrian. And then, when the Summer Olympics finally roll around next summer 2021, you'll know a lot more about the equestrian events, too. (I am really bummed about the Olympics being postponed)
  • Surfing - Live near the water? Why not try out surfing? This sport also requires lots of practice and skill, but the refreshing nature of being in the water on hot summer days is a bit of consolation to wiping out on your board before you get the hang of things. There is nothing as cool as mastering a wave and being in complete control of your board. If you have the time, learning to surf can be a memorable summer activity that you'll come back to for life.
  • Camping
  • Camping - There are lots of activities to get you closer to the great outdoors, however, nothing will immerse you in them more fully than going camping. With the warm weather, the camping season is at its peak in the summer. To try something different this summer, find a favorite park or campsite and pick a place for your tent to enjoy a rustic night outdoors.

Equestrian, surfing and camping are three fun new activities to try out this summer. With the extra time on your hands the summer will provide, why not try something new?