Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Keep Coughing

I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat. Yes, I'm perfectly fine, spend a few nights around other people, and I wake up sick! I had some hot honey-lemon water, drank a packet of Emergen-C, and took some Vitamin D - and stopped eating the chocolate that is always at the sound table. After Saturday night's performance I had some hot tea and took it easy, though we stayed up way too late because we had a basement full of cast members, crew, and friends.

Sunday wasn't too bad, more tea, Emergen-C, Vitamin D, etc, but, by the time the performance and clean-up was finished, my legs ached and I could tell my voice was leaving me. More tea, more vitamins, etc. Monday and Tuesday I couldn't really talk, and if I moved around too much or tried to talk, it made me cough. I didn't feel too bad, just overall tired.

Today I actually have a voice, but I can't stop coughing sometimes. I just get this really dry tickle in my throat, and it won't stop. I watched the first video suggested by Zemanta, and I think some of it is that I haven't been drinking enough water - mostly because with all the coughing and gunk in my throat, nothing tasted good, not even water, which I normally drink a lot of. So, more water, more rest, more whiskey. Oh, I didn't mention the whiskey? Yep, very important, but after watching that 2nd Zemanta-suggested video, I think I really should have tried a Hot Toddy. I guess there's always next time, because I'm not all better yet.

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  1. Last few days I've had a tickly cough which has been very embarrasing in front of patients!


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