Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper

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A friend once asked, "What one thing have you never run out of or would never want to run out of?" My first thought was something like flour or onions, but then she said for her the answer was toilet paper. No one wants to run out of toilet paper! I have to agree with her. Of course, there are lots of basic things we need around the house - laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. It would be pretty inconvenient to run out of any of them. Maybe not as inconvenient as having no toilet paper, but...

I tend to stock up on all these basics when they're on sale, so I have quite a stockpile, and I don't think we're in danger of running out of anything for a good long time. That didn't stop me from signing up for a free account at about a month ago, or maybe that's why I signed up. I don't just stockpile stuff because it's on sale. I stockpile because I don't want to run out and then have to make a special trip to the store and probably pay a higher price. Now, with I can actually use stuff up and let the supplies dwindle a little, which will make my husband happy. He says we have too much stuff around here.

You see, is a site where you can shop for and buy all your household essentials. They have tons to choose from, so chances are you can find the brands and products you usually use. The prices are very competitive, and they even find and apply coupons to get you the best deal possible, and there's no clipping involved. And, shipping is FREE. So, you can sit back, log onto your computer, and do all your shopping for household essentials from the comfort of your own home, and have everything delivered to your door for FREE. How cool is that? Now I'm wishing we were almost out of something so I could actually order something.

What I am doing is looking through the products available in all the different categories and adding things I know I will need eventually, the body wash Cory likes, hand lotion, facial tissue, etc. That way it will be quick and easy to find when I need it. It also looks like pays attention to my choices and uses them to offer me special deals or suggest products I might like, which I really like. Also, as you add things to your products, you can tell Alice how often you need to buy each item, and Alice will remind you when it's time to buy, so you won't run out!

I encourage you to check out because I think this site is going to be really handy. If you hate shopping for basic household needs and would like to save some time, money, and hassle, this might be just what the doctor ordered. has a Refer a Friend program, too - so if you sign up for your free account and then refer your friends, will pay you, too. You'll get 3% of the total dollar amount of each one of their orders on Alice for an entire year. Each person you refer will also get a $10 credit in their Alice account once they spend at least $50 on the site. Here's my referral link - - so if you copy that into your browser, I'll get the 3% of your orders for a year, and you'll get $10 after you spend $50. Sounds like a good deal for both of us, right? (or just click the ad in the sidebar)

Oh, and what one thing would you never want to run out of?

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  1. They laugh at me at home as I always have a stack of toilet paper here! Plus some hidden as an emergency back up lol


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